Day 2 – Some like it raw

09 Oct

Cacao that undergoes none or minimal processing and is free of additives is called raw chocolate. It is said to be the best way to enjoy the benefits of dark chocolate i.e. high in antioxidants, good source of magnesium, sulphur and other trace minerals and promotes alertness. Not to mention, the happy factor we all love:D As raw chocolate is taken directly from the cacao bean it is available unsweetened or with unrefined sweeteners – just to take that edge off.

I came across this bar whilst in New Zealand. I LOVE dark mint chocolate, so I didn’t have to think twice before putting in the basket.

The brand is Loving Earth, and has a “healthy – sustainable – fair” ethos and this chocolate is made from 72% organic raw cacao and sweetened with organic raw agave. (Disclaimer: please excuse the appearance of the packaging, something leaked on it!)

The chunky bar comes wrapped in gold foil paper to keep the freshness and is divided into handy 6 sections. The first bite was dark a little grainy due to the raw chocolateness and the fresh crunchy mint bits were delightful! I quickly munched down the rest of the piece and let the flavour mull on my palate. The aftertaste of the mint was refreshing and surprisingly lasting. For raw chocolate it’s exceptionally good… ALSO it’s organic, kosher and supports the Satipo community in Peru by buying the raw ingredients for more than 15% of the fair trade price – woah I’d eat that. Well I did. And I realise I didn’t take a picture of the actual bar, I accidentally finished it while I was out today and have only the foil left, and it would be mean to post an image of just that now wouldn’t it?!

You’ll just have to get this one yourself – click here.

Rating: A BIG 5/5

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