Day 6 – Happy pills

13 Oct

I didn’t really want to blog about today’s chocolate. Purely because I’m selfish and I don’t want everyone knowing about this product… it’s that amazing and I’m actually not very good at sharing. Especially chocolate. Those who know me, know this well. I realised when I did let someone try this particular chocolate, they were only allowed to take one, and then I’d quickly take it back, pop a few myself and then hide it away in one of my many Mary Poppins’ bags. It’s only really for those who can appreciate them or if I like you enough.

The only reason I will tell you, is because someone was kind enough to purchase and share several tins (4 tins) with me. They’re described as

crunchy toffeed espresso bits covered in dark chocolate!

I know, seriously, how good is that!! Two of my most favourite things, dark chocolate and coffee in one neat little bean – Trader Joe’s Espresso Pillows (I don’t know why they’re called pillows – odd that). The packaging is beautiful, I have a strange attraction to orange coloured things, and am an avid collector (not hoarder) of tins, so this is no exception. I currently have a nice little stack of empty tins on my desk, that will hopefully be growing soon as my ‘dealer’ is on a ‘business’ trip. Part truth.

Ok to describe them, because I doubt you’ll actually get to try some any time soon… the little beans are made up of smooth dark chocolate (which upon checking the ingredients I realised has chocolate liquor in it!) covering espresso bean nibs (so not whole beans) coated in toffee. The super sweet crunchy toffee and bitter nibs are incredibly well balanced by the smooth rich dark chocolate. The best thing about these are the suggestion serving size is 22 pieces! Yes, 22!!

One of my tins met an unfortunate event: one afternoon I was sitting out in the sun and being encased in a metal tin, the heat was absorbed and contained, to which the poor little beans melted their hearts out. When I discovered them, it was a bit of a mushy dark brown mess, but I couldn’t waste it, and without hesitation started licking the tin. See, that’s why I don’t share!

Here’s a picture to tantilize you more.

Rating: off the scale.

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