Day 11 – England rules…

18 Oct

…in making the best flakiest Flake, ever. I’m serious. The ones you can get here taste a bit waxy (apparently solifiers are added to chocolates, especially milk ones due for export to warmer climates!)

I’m thankful to have wonderful family and friends who have always managed to slip in a bar or 6-pack into their luggage for me:) Some of which had to write my name and a warning on the packaging to keep prying hands off until I could pick them up. Don’t mess with my Flakes. You heard.

In the past week I’ve had two special deliveries, so I’m about to indulge in one now for lunch (I’m notorious for having just chocolate as a meal). The way I like to eat my Flake is breaking the bar into thirds (while it’s still in the packet), take the first third and munch a little to let it crumble and melt in my mouth, clear the palate and then go for the next third, until it’s all finish and then tip the remaining crumbs into my mouth to finish off! hmm… note. you only need to tilt your head back about 20degrees, otherwise you’ll end up choking on the flakey bits!

With such a popular chocolate bar, there are have been a number of variations over the years to try and milk the range and entice more devoted followers. Oh those marketing people, so clever.

Here’s the line up courtesy of wikipedia…

  • Flake Noir – made with dark chocolate
  • Flake Snow – a white chocolate flake dipped into milk chocolate, lifespan: 2000-2008
  • Flake Dipped – milk chocolate flake dipped into milk chocolate, also known as Flake Luxury
  • Flake Praline – milk chocolate flake with praline (2004)
  • Flake Dark – dark chocolate flake covered in dark chocolate (2006)
  • Flake Bar

I’ve never heard or seen these next ones – so if you do find them, please send them my way!!

  • Orange Flake – orange flavoured milk chocolate flake (available in South Africa)
  • Flake Mint – flake which has a pale green mint-flavoured centre

I have to admit, I still fancy the original. You don’t need to change what’s already so darn good.

Rating: yep it gets 5/5

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