Day 18 – Doctor’s prescription

25 Oct

Chocolate is widely known for it’s medicinal properties, and though I didn’t think my taste buds would be up for chocolate today, Google helped clarify a few things…

Chocolate acts as an antiseptic, diuretic, parasiticide, and pilatory.  It is used to treat burns, cough, listlessness, pregnancy, and snake bite.*  Cocoa has theobromine which has a similar effect to that of caffeine.  It stimulates the muscles, heart, and kidneys.  In fact, it can relieve congestion during colds by simply opening the bronchial passages in the lungs.

It’s for the last diagnosis that I turn to chocolate as my healing remedy… with a heavy head, blocked and runny nose, sore throat and generally feeling floppy, my dislike for pharmaceuticals means going the natural way in letting this cold run it’s course.

But as Dr.Google prescribes – chocolate is the cure. For optimum results I decided to go for a hot chocolate, as we all well know liquids are absorbed faster into the body. It’s always difficult finding a good hot chocolate, I do know of one which I will post about at some point… but in the meantime, there’s a Lavazza coffee/tea making machine in the office and so trading in my daily coffee (another blog perhaps?) I went for the chocolate sachet. It looks more like an instant pudding mix, and a colleague had previously tried it saying it was watery and so it’s not looking very promising.

Simply add hot water to the dark brown powder.. and stir.

Ignoring the bubbles as some might spoon them out, the first sip was surprisingly chocolaty and smooth. After a few more gulps, I was starting to feel a little clearer headed and the sinuses sharpened up. It works! My faith in chocolate never wavered.

The remaining cup wasn’t as great, in fact it was terrible. The instant powdery-ness, sugar and whatever additives became evident, maybe as a result of having my senses clear up ha. Of course, chocolate is a stimulant and so there will be a general perkiness, but I’m not betting on the lasting effects. Hopefully it’ll get me through the next few hours.

Rating: 2.5/5

*Random thoughts: Pregnancy is listed among other ailments, are we treating the pregnancy or the side effects of it?  Also, snake bites – do you eat the chocolate, or rub it on the bite? I think I’d do both just in case.

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