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Day 54 – The dark side

I was absolutely craving the death star today, so much so that I was salivating (seriously).. and went on a mission to find some. Unfortunately I had done some christmas shopping before hand, and it was more of a hinderance as I had to lug everything around whilst trying to find a store. Watson’s surprisingly didn’t have any of the 3packs and 7-11 was not convenient at all so found a supermarket and weaved my way through the aisles to the confectionery section.

Clocking the beautiful red box I noticed the black one next to it – Lindor Dark. Yes. That is the one.

After quickly paying and exiting the store, I opened the box for some sweet indulgence. It’s strangely not like the death star ones but more like something else, which I won’t mention as I completely demolished the first two in succession.

These ones have a harder coating, of course being darker and the creamy center was firmer but definitely still delectable! I’m not sure which one I prefer, I might need to get them all lined up for a taste test.. hmmm that’s a good idea. After reading the Lindor story it really is a good idea for Christmas, as the balls were made especially!

Rating: 5/5

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Day 53 – We all scream for icecream

I just realised that this is the first post about ice cream! Well it certainly won’t be the last.

This was another chocolate that featured yesterday. Without even asking for it, a friend kindly offered to get me some ice cream and of course the requested flavours had to include something with chocolate or coffee. I got a call not soon after he left, and this was our conversation –

Friend: hey do you want chocolate or cappuccino or espresso?
Me: chocolate…um coffee
Friend: ok.. cappuccino or espresso?
Me: oh, espresso
Friend: ok
Me: …chocolate?
Friend: do you want two?
Me: yes, yahh!

He comes back with this –

Mövenpick Swiss chocolate and Espresso Croquant!! Both were creamy, super sweet and incredibly good! The day was hot so I had to eat them fast, which made me feel a little sicky but it was worth it!

What would we do without ice cream?

Rating (just the chocolate one) : 5/5

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Day 52 – The white version

So today there was a whole lotta chocolate, starting from about 8:30am with espresso pillows, hazelnut dairy milk, ice cream and this –

This is the first time I’ve seen white Reese’s, and it was just a little weird. A friend, a white chocolate lover got them and was kind enough to share. This is what they looked like… little bleached cups.

They were incredibly sweet, and the peanut filling was the same as the milk ones, with a thick and creamy texture. After each small bite I had to take a sip or two of my long black just to temper the sweetness. I couldn’t finish even half a cup and by that time my coffee had run out as well, so I left it at that.

It wasn’t really my cup of tea, and admittedly I’m not much of a fan of Hersey’s chocolates because of their super sweetness, but the dark option would be interesting to try.

Rating: 2/5

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Day 51 – Sans chocolate

Sadly today was one without chocolate. I spent a sizeable amount of time in the chocolate aisle at the supermarket but for some strange reason I just didn’t want any. A rarity indeed. Though it may have something to do with the current poorly tummy I’m experiencing hmm…

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have a chocolate filled day.

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Day 50 – Everyone needs one

I actually remember when these Time Out bars came out! That dates me a bit ha. It was during school days and a friend and I fell in love with them and kept treating ourselves at the school tuck shop. Our lunch money was limited but whenever we had a bit extra or happened to find some cash we’d go get a bar and share. Another great twin bar.

Today I happened to spot this one in my colleagues’ drawer and made a passing comment to which he kindly offered it to me. I wasn’t actually after it, seriously, I was just making note. But he insisted – knowing my infatuation with chocolate – and he even said he doesn’t really like chocolate! So I gladly allowed the bar to accompany me back to my desk.

It had been a long time since I had one, but I was surprised it wasn’t as sweet as I remembered. The milk chocolate coating was heavy and the wafer added a bit of crisp to the flakey layer in the middle (which has nothing on a Flake!). Still it was what it was, not something I would pick up off the shelf and buy for myself, but when offered how can you refuse? The bar still hits the spot and everyone needs a time out once in a while.

Rating: 3/5

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Day 49 – Have you earned it?

This chocolate was available all over India, it didn’t really appeal to me nor did I have the desire to buy it for some reason! oh well will get ahold of it sometime, in the meantime here’s a random ad for it

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Day 48 – Early christmas!


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