Day 34 – The Chocolate Death Star

10 Nov

If you’ve ever have one of Lindt Lindor balls you’ll know what I mean. There’s a little dip in the perfectly spherical chocolate mass where they pour the smooth chocolate centre in, and after biting into them, the creamy centre melts… in an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star!

They’re quite festive looking, aren’t they? Each Lindor Ball is individually wrapped in red, white and gold. Note. there are different flavours – milk, hazelnut, 60% cacao, dark, white, peanut butter, prestige milk and stracciatella chocolate – resulting in different colour wrapping, so when you have them altogether it’s like a Christmas party!

In fact, I was introduced to Lindor by my sister, during Christmas 2009… it was a cold English night, and while I was wrapped in a blanket in the lounge, a box of Lindor Balls joined us and was a warm comfort throughout the evening. After returning home, I was given a box collection which I treasured for days:)

Having one of these chocolate death stars is never enough and the wonderful thing is that they always come in threes or more! As with the other morning, I polished off this box of 3 rather quickly despite my will to save one or two for later. They are simply irresistible!

Rating: 5/5

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