Day 44 – Bar one

20 Nov

It sounds like a night club or something, but no it is not. It is a chocolate snack bar that I picked up from the astromony place (there is an Indian name for it, but I cannot remember it right now*) in Jaipur.

The day was cold and rainy and we had been touring around on a bus all day and I desperately needed a pick-me-up. After viewing some pretty amazing sun dials, we found the little souvenir shop with a hole in the wall coffee shop, if it can even be called that – two Nescafe instant machines with an illumated fridge housing cold beverages and local confectionary. Two locals were eager to take our orders and proceeded to prepare the coffee by placing a half sized paper cup under the spout that dripped out some dark hot liquid.

While waiting I started to peruse the fridge (as you do) and came across Nestle’s Bar One. This was foreign to me, and so decided to give it ago – at only Rs5 it wasn’t breaking the bank.

Sadly it was a terrible disappointment:( it lacked the sweetness all confectionary should have and it didn’t even remotely taste of chocolate! It did say it was nougat and caramel covered in chocolate, but that also barely had any flavour. Someone, who admits being overcome by obsessive cravings for sweet things and finishes all the crisps and chocolate in the fridge, refused to even try this chocolate bar. That says something, doesn’t it?

Even tried chasing a bite with the push button coffee which didn’t do any good, so to the bin it went!

Rating: -1/5

*Jantar Mantar – World Heritage Site

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