Day 50 – Everyone needs one

26 Nov

I actually remember when these Time Out bars came out! That dates me a bit ha. It was during school days and a friend and I fell in love with them and kept treating ourselves at the school tuck shop. Our lunch money was limited but whenever we had a bit extra or happened to find some cash we’d go get a bar and share. Another great twin bar.

Today I happened to spot this one in my colleagues’ drawer and made a passing comment to which he kindly offered it to me. I wasn’t actually after it, seriously, I was just making note. But he insisted – knowing my infatuation with chocolate – and he even said he doesn’t really like chocolate! So I gladly allowed the bar to accompany me back to my desk.

It had been a long time since I had one, but I was surprised it wasn’t as sweet as I remembered. The milk chocolate coating was heavy and the wafer added a bit of crisp to the flakey layer in the middle (which has nothing on a Flake!). Still it was what it was, not something I would pick up off the shelf and buy for myself, but when offered how can you refuse? The bar still hits the spot and everyone needs a time out once in a while.

Rating: 3/5

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