Day 69 – Introducing Lady Godiva

15 Dec

It’s a wonder why it’s taken 68 days to get to this stellar Belgium chocolatier brand! Godiva, no stranger to chocolate connoisseurs, has been producing chocolate since 1926. Named after the beautiful Lady Godiva, the logo draws upon her passionate and selfless horseback ride that saved her people from the increase in taxation. The challenge was for Lady Godiva to ride in the nude through the town and if anyone cast an eye on her, the taxes were to be raised. But as legend tells it, she rode through the streets and no one even turned a head and so the people were saved!

As with the Lady, Godiva chocolates embody passion and purity. And recently we were humbly graced with this Truffles Dessert – Limited Edition collection:

After reading through the selection, there was one that definitely caught my eye –

Truffle Moelleux Chocolat – a dual center of 85% dark chocolate ganache and liquid chocolate, enrobed in dark chocolate and decorated with 50% dark chocolate flakes.

Hello! Where have you been all my life?! And oh, it was divine… the richness of the ganache, smooth and semi sweet just oozed out, leaving a dark coating to finish it off. I was incredibly patient and enjoyed every bite making it last as long as possible… a heavenly few minutes. Don’t get me wrong, the other truffles were amazing too, but this one was certainly the crème de la crème of this limited edition.

Rating: 5/5

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