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Day 109 – Rufus

Today we look at the inedible kind of chocolate, chocolate labs. Meet Rufus, oh his eyes.. I want to take him home..

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Day 108 – Canadian treat

This bar was brought back from Canada especially for this blog:D Don’t we feel special?

Cocoa Camino is organic fairtrade chocolate from Cuba, and their mission is to help bring about change through what we eat –

Welcome to the path, or in Spanish, the camino. Your purchase of a Camino product is a step forward on the path towards change. Through the joy of eating good food, you are contributing to building vibrant, sustainable communities here and throughout Central America, South America and Southeast Asia.

We joined the joyful food revolution with this almond and cranberry bar of 71% dark chocolate. It was a nicely sized bar, and the first two pieces went down a treat! Lovely and dark, it wasn’t too bitter and the cranberries added a little tartness while the slivers of almonds made for a welcomed texture. I was contemplating sharing it, but time went on and I realised I had finished the whole thing! Hey, it was only 40g, so it could happen to anyone!

Rating: 5/5

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Day 107 – The brownie

Well this La Rose Noire brownie says it all – Gluten Free! Ironically, under the list of allergens on the label it says ‘gluten’ – who do we believe?!!

The brownie smelt rich and chocolatey through the packaging and we weren’t disappointed when opening it. On first bite, we were delighted to enjoy an incredibly good brownie not even just compared to gluten free ones! A crisp layer topped the soft moist brownie that was indeed rich in chocolate flavour. Nearing the end of the slice there was a lingering of a slight different flavour (being the different flours used) but it wasn’t distracting and it was still a satisfying chocolate fix.

Just worry about the false labelling, so remember to check the details carefully especially if you have serious allergic reactions.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Day 106 – Tim Tam Slam

Well this was a blast from the past!!

Someone brought in a pack of Arnott’s Tim Tams and initially I had refused as of course they wouldn’t be wheat free, but while making a much needed morning coffee, they were just sitting there goading me ‘go on, do the slam’. Always the competitive one, I couldn’t let the chocolate opponent win and I figured one couldn’t hurt…

And so we prepare to step into the ring –

So, for those who have never done a Tim Tam slam before, you take the Tim Tam and bite off a corner and then diagonally the other one. And then you use the Tim Tam like a straw and put one of the corners in the drink and the other in your mouth, suck up your drink and the trick is to eat the Tim Tam as soon as it starts to get a little soggy otherwise it will disintegrate and be lost in your drink! It works best with coffee or a hot chocolate:)

After successfully winning this round, I immediately went and got another Tim Tam. ha, ones never enough!

Rating: 5/5

Being native to Australasia, here’s Natalie Imbruglia showing you how to do a Tim Tam Slam –

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Day 105 – Why, hello cupcakes

I was just sent this and they look scrumptious – I want to try them out!

Better than sex cupcakes:


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Day 104 – My favourite aisle

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Day 103 – Pure

Donovans Brother’s Pure chocolate from NZ, is new to me. I haven’t come across them before, but this was found at threesixtyhk, so someone thought it was worthy to bring over the Pacific to our stores. I know the concept of ‘pure’ is commonly associated with NZ and her produce (naturally), however, we thought ‘pure’ was quite an odd word to use with chocolate, especially one of such dark nature. The packaging left much to be desired, and it was neatly designed to envelope two individually wrapped bars.

The chocolate itself wasn’t as dark or bitter as expected for an 80%! It was delicious. It was the same chocolate that featured in the to-die-for torte posted a few days back. Yep. We decided to continue the chocolate feast and eat the ingredients as well, hmm bliss.

Oh it’s gluten free too!

Rating: 4.5/5

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