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Day 106 – Tim Tam Slam

Well this was a blast from the past!!

Someone brought in a pack of Arnott’s Tim Tams and initially I had refused as of course they wouldn’t be wheat free, but while making a much needed morning coffee, they were just sitting there goading me ‘go on, do the slam’. Always the competitive one, I couldn’t let the chocolate opponent win and I figured one couldn’t hurt…

And so we prepare to step into the ring –

So, for those who have never done a Tim Tam slam before, you take the Tim Tam and bite off a corner and then diagonally the other one. And then you use the Tim Tam like a straw and put one of the corners in the drink and the other in your mouth, suck up your drink and the trick is to eat the Tim Tam as soon as it starts to get a little soggy otherwise it will disintegrate and be lost in your drink! It works best with coffee or a hot chocolate:)

After successfully winning this round, I immediately went and got another Tim Tam. ha, ones never enough!

Rating: 5/5

Being native to Australasia, here’s Natalie Imbruglia showing you how to do a Tim Tam Slam –

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Day 105 – Why, hello cupcakes

I was just sent this and they look scrumptious – I want to try them out!

Better than sex cupcakes:


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Day 104 – My favourite aisle

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Day 103 – Pure

Donovans Brother’s Pure chocolate from NZ, is new to me. I haven’t come across them before, but this was found at threesixtyhk, so someone thought it was worthy to bring over the Pacific to our stores. I know the concept of ‘pure’ is commonly associated with NZ and her produce (naturally), however, we thought ‘pure’ was quite an odd word to use with chocolate, especially one of such dark nature. The packaging left much to be desired, and it was neatly designed to envelope two individually wrapped bars.

The chocolate itself wasn’t as dark or bitter as expected for an 80%! It was delicious. It was the same chocolate that featured in the to-die-for torte posted a few days back. Yep. We decided to continue the chocolate feast and eat the ingredients as well, hmm bliss.

Oh it’s gluten free too!

Rating: 4.5/5

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Day 102 – Intense lightness

Lindt Mousse Au Chocolat Dark
The darkness of this chocolate was intense! I kept looking on the box for a percentage but there was none.. I figured it had to be at least 80+%! Yep, that was a lot symbols, I wasn’t swearing though. The lightness comes for the chocolate mousse, which was very delicate and sweet, offering a lovely balance to the dark shell.

Again it’s really intense so I’m eating it slowly and only had two today!

Rating: 5/5

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Day 101 – Thank you very much

Ahh Cadbury’s classic way to say ‘thank you very very much’ –

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Day 100 – Monumentous

Ok I know that’s not a real word, but you know what I mean. 100 days of chocolate is quite an achievement and for today we have a scrumptious homemade chocolate torte:

We were too excited to eat it that I forgot to take a picture, so here’s the last slice. The torte was made of 80% dark chocolate and was divine! Accompanied by homemade strawberry sauce that was the perfect blend of being tart and sweet, and cream the dark torte went smoothly down. It had a brownie like texture, more importantly a two-bite brownie, which I adore!!

In addition this decadent dessert was gluten free, which just goes to show that there are some amazing desserts for those who are unable to enjoy the commonly found off the counter baked goods. I believe this was a well and tested recipe by Delia, so look it up!

Rating: 5/5

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Day 99 – Do you eat what I eat?

Well, in this case maybe not as I ate an 8pack of See’s Candies chocolates. It was a birthday present, so I didn’t need to share them.

I didn’t eat them all in one sitting, but they were consumed within the same day with substantial intervals in between. I tried to remember what was what so here goes –

Scotchmallow – Honey marshmallow and caramel

Butterscotch Square – Firm brown sugar, vanilla buttercream

Almond Buds – Roasted almonds and caramel

California BrittleĀ® – Hard toffee with almonds

Milk Walnut – English walnuts

Almond Square – Roasted almonds and caramel

hmm and really struggling to remember the last two.. there were lots of nutty ones. I think my favourite of the lot was the scotchmallow and the butterscotch square. I’m quite selective when it comes to nuts in my chocolates, though I highly rate macadamia darks.

Overall See’s do have a great selection of chocolates and they are of a high quality and standard.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Day 98 – Chocolate beauty

Sensation Chocolat Paris is a chocolate brand that creates cocoa based treatments for beauty and well-being. With fondant o chocolat face cream, soothing makeup remover with cocoa butter, exfoliating body scrubs, bubble baths with cocoa bean extract, dark & milk chocolate moisturising body milk and massage oils and candles – you’ll be a walking chocolate bar by the end of your treatment!

I was quite excited to see a chocolate and orange shower gel, and a mint chocolate version, which smelt heavenly! They’d make great gifts.. hint hint.

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Day 97 – M

I went to my trusty fast food place for the regular fries and coffee today which I like to do once in a while, though my visits are becoming more frequent. Always a sucker for fries, and the coffee actually isn’t bad – I had been converted.

After noticing their orange obsession promotion on recent trips and being your average target market, I thought why not?

McCafe’s hot orange mocha looked a lot better before they put the lid on, and I was quite impressed by the McCafe’s baristas! On the M website they state that their baristas undergo 100 days of professional training to ensure each cup is of excellent quality. Not bad M, maybe I should go here for my training… hmm

This drink was to my surprise, incredibly hot and I actually managed to scald my mouth on the first sip! After letting a few moments pass, I timidly took another sip and was welcomed by a hot liquid orange chocolate club – that’s what it honestly tastes like! Sweet and with a strong orangey flavour, the chocolate was smooth to drink but the coffee wasn’t much of a feature. The flavour remained throughout and was pleasant, albeit a little sickly towards the end. A little too much for me, and I only got a small.

Rating: 3.5/5

ps. This is awesome – you can personlise your coffee by sending them a photo of yourself or a friend and they’ll whip up their magic to create an unique McCafe latte art!

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