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Day 144 – Spanish desire

A dear friend was in town recently and she generously bestowed upon me a few chocolates that her and her husband export to Australia and HK. Spanish artisan chocolatier Blanxart produces ecological tasty delights and this was one that I’ve been able to enjoy –

Bric cafe (beginning from the inside out) the honey roasted almond center is covered in smooth white chocolate, followed by a layer of dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of coffee powder!! Wow.

This amazing cauldron of flavours and textures sound astounding and they truly are. I tried eating one slowly peeling back each layer with my tastebuds, which was interesting. But I think the best and only way of enjoying this little ball of delight is to pop the whole thing into your mouth and munch away! Seriously, the flavours blend amazingly and yet stand distinguishably on their own. And it was irresistible. I had to close and put the box away several times but each time, brought it back out again. It can be bought in HK, I will find out where and let you know. Maybe.

Rating: 5/5 YES!

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Day 143 – Stylin’

Just saw this “new theme: choco” on my feed… I have to try it. What do you think?!

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Day 142 – Farewell cookie

The last night hanging out in the hood with my bus buddy was bitter sweet. It was made sweeter by his homemade baked goods… is it gluten free? I asked. Erm half…? he replied. Not sure what he meant by that I decided to be polite, yet remaining cautious just broke off half a cookie.

There’s a special ingredient, he adds as I savour the first bite. It’s chocolate of course, but a special kind. Can you guess? Hmm… noting a nuttiness, I guessed snickers? Nope. Walnuts. Nope, I’d be surprised if you guessed it. It does have nuts. And chocolate. Taking another few bites… ahhh Ferrero Rocher! Yes:)

Ferrero Rocher cookies – they weren’t bad at all especially for a second time baker as he was. They had less sugar, flour and butter than the original recipe called for, but they were still tasty and had firm cake like texture. Perfect for an afternoon tea I reckon. I did have the second half, but sadly I didn’t take any pictures so you’ll have to imagine it or make them yourself. Note, a few Ferrero Rocher’s won’t hurt anyone.

Rating: 4/5

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Day 141 – Passing time

In trying to avoid doing the inevitable, I decide to indulge in these little gems, which for your information are what I’d rather have left on my pillow:

They even look like gems with their pretty coloured packaging – maybe that’s just what I’m attracted to… shallow I know. The chocolate itself is milk and sweet. Why has milk chocolate become such the common more readily available option?! It isn’t superior in anyway to dark.. maybe I’ll leave this discussion for another day.

Today’s another good number day. Like that.

Must get back to my things to do list… it’s going to be late one.

Rating: 2/5

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Day 140 – Meeh

Another gift for my chocolate collection, Hershey’s 65% cacao orange.

Not really one to go for the Hershey’s brand, but being dark orange, I couldn’t refuse. I must have not had high expectations given the shoddy photography, and it was no surprise that they really didn’t rock my world or do anything for that matter. These were small squares wrapped in lots of paper, which make me think of pillow chocolates you have in those plush hotels suites.. but I’m sure they’d leave better quality treats!

ok I know it’s purely subjective and there are many people who enjoy them. But also, a lot of people are happy with mediocrity. er.. I’ll leave it at that.

Rating: 1/5 – I like orange things

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Day 139 – Noisy wrappers

I had the pleasure of presenting this to my mum tonight, a gift from a friend who remembered how much she adored white chocolate.

I heard the wrapper unfolding and opening in the other room and knew my mum wasted no time enjoying its contents. Whittaker’s White is smooth and creamy, and incredibly milky! Not the sweetest of whites that I’ve encountered, but this solidified milky cocoa mass melted evenly in the mouth. It was a sobering delight…

And sobering thoughts turn to family and friends in nz as they deal with the devastation from monday’s quake.. it certainly makes you appreciate life and loved ones.

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Day 138 – Memories

This song was on a mixed cd made by a wonderful friend, and almost 6 years later to the day I’m listening to it again…

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Day 137 – Fantastic sweetness

I love how exuberant those two words are together. For some reason it has an Australian accent when you say it. It just sounds right.

White Melody Milk Chocolate Tuile.. was actually white chocolate sandwiched between vanilla cripsy thin cookies. It was quite pleasant and would have gone nicely with a coffee or a cuppa.

I was more engrossed in the packaging, particular with their innocent and child-like enthusiasm –

“This milk chocolate & tuile is splendid in taste. It is fantastic sweetness. Fantastic Sweetness.

The repetitiveness of the last statement tickles me and it’s as though they’re trying to convince us of how incredibly fantastic this really is, so that when you eat them you really believe it!

Rating: 4/5 (bonus for the amusement factor)


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Day 136 – Swiss balls

These M&S truffles is similar to their bubbly milk bar back on day 115, but not bubble and in a spherical shape.

I do adore truffles and these weren’t too bad, just a little too sweet for my liking, so I stopped after one.

Rating: 2/5

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Day 135 – Tempting… but no

The title is a quote from a childhood favourite, it makes me laugh every time I say it. I wonder if it does the same to anyone else… hmm

So today’s temptation comes from the ever so sweet and enticing Mrs. Field’s cookies. Yes. Every time you walk by you can’t help but breathe in the delicious aroma and start desiring some of that tasty goodness.

While waiting for a friend, I could only look and admire the cabinet and brownies are definitely a weakness! But having just had some fries and heading to a dinner, I thought it best not to indulge just yet. Besides the fact they have no wheat free options, so it wouldn’t do me any good. It’s a test of my will power every time I go by…. I. Must. Be. Strong!

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