Day 117 – Boozy morning

01 Feb

Today I was being very generous and shared a box of chocolates that were kindly given to me for no apparent reason, truffles as well!

After the first few bites we decided to check what the alcohol content was as it was noticeable… hmm only 2.2% so it wasn’t too bad. However it wasn’t even 10am. Either way, a colleague decided to take a few more to get her day going! Which reminds me of a time we surprised our bosses early one morning after they returned from getting engaged on holiday. We had sparkling juice and showered them with hole punched confetti. However after quite a few glasses of the juice, we realised it was closer to having 10% alcohol.. and we quite successfully got one of our bosses drunk as she could barely focus on her screen!

Back to the chocolate, Le Maitre Chocolatier – “Come taste the fine chocolates of the Maitre Chocolatier, place of rendezvous where the food you find is a delicacy for the body as well as the soul.” I’m sure it sounds a lot better in French, the original text!

Sadly these chocolate weren’t anything to rave about, they tasted a little too manufactured if you know what I mean. Well should’ve been able to tell that from the packaging as it didn’t look very promising!

Rating: 2/5

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