Day 119 – French style

03 Feb

Fauchon a brand that is ‘the reference for luxury contemporary foods.” A true French brand setting the fashionable standard for all good things… clothes, shoes, cheese, wine, pastries, chocolate. Maybe I should just go live there!

Fauchon reveals a brand new way to enjoy chocoalte. As a delight creator, it revamps a tailored Frenc style collection: 6 numbers, 6 identities, 6 branded feelings.

And this chocolate came as a special delivery by my sister on one of her around the world trips, Gout No.2 –

A few interesting points, ‘branded feelings’ I’m not sure what feeling I’m suppose to be getting from this tablette nor the other ones as I’ve seen on their site. Also for this particular flavour – ‘Whole milk powder from the Alps’, I’m not sure how it works, whether the milk is actually derived from animals living in the Alps, or the milk powder is mixed with water from the Alps?!

Anyway, the chocolate comes in a quaint tablette (as stated again on their site) and was adequately sweet for the milk number. It actually reminded me of eating an Easter egg, breaking off pieces which varied in thickness. It was very tasty and easy to eat, especially for a 35% and it helped me get through a day of work on the public holiday. hmm I wonder what the dark bars are like…

Rating: 4.5/5

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