Day 122 – Somewhere else

06 Feb

There’s a street in HK that I would love to live on and have my own little place.. it’s quiet and very un-HK. Princes Terrace just off the escalators is a wide little alley with potted plants and greenery lining either side. There are a few shops and galleries but for the most part it’s residential and a lovely area to walk through with your dogs.

Quaint Cafe Lavande carries its Europeanesque style nicely with large windows, canopy, blackboard menu and homely interiors. Given the lovely weather we decided to join the pet lovers and smokers outside. Sadly there was not much on the menu for me to enjoy, and though the patisserie cabinet was mouth watering, it was just a coffee for me. My coffee date decided to go for the 70% valhrona hot chocolate, and as well as sounding absolutely divine, it looked equally amazing:

We spent a fair bit of time admiring the awesome mug and the antique cutlery… and it smelt richly of chocolate. I can only describe what it was like to watch it be sipped and the enjoyment was not missed. It was milky and frothy with chocolate shavings on top and also chocolate pieces that hadn’t melted inside hmmm… the mug was nursed well over our conversation, and with help of the metal spatula-spoon nothing was left remaining. Next time I’m ordering that!!

Rating: when I get a chance to order it next

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