Day 142 – Farewell cookie

26 Feb

The last night hanging out in the hood with my bus buddy was bitter sweet. It was made sweeter by his homemade baked goods… is it gluten free? I asked. Erm half…? he replied. Not sure what he meant by that I decided to be polite, yet remaining cautious just broke off half a cookie.

There’s a special ingredient, he adds as I savour the first bite. It’s chocolate of course, but a special kind. Can you guess? Hmm… noting a nuttiness, I guessed snickers? Nope. Walnuts. Nope, I’d be surprised if you guessed it. It does have nuts. And chocolate. Taking another few bites… ahhh Ferrero Rocher! Yes:)

Ferrero Rocher cookies – they weren’t bad at all especially for a second time baker as he was. They had less sugar, flour and butter than the original recipe called for, but they were still tasty and had firm cake like texture. Perfect for an afternoon tea I reckon. I did have the second half, but sadly I didn’t take any pictures so you’ll have to imagine it or make them yourself. Note, a few Ferrero Rocher’s won’t hurt anyone.

Rating: 4/5

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Posted by on February 26, 2011 in chocolate, cookies, nuts


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