Day 144 – Spanish desire

28 Feb

A dear friend was in town recently and she generously bestowed upon me a few chocolates that her and her husband export to Australia and HK. Spanish artisan chocolatier Blanxart produces ecological tasty delights and this was one that I’ve been able to enjoy –

Bric cafe (beginning from the inside out) the honey roasted almond center is covered in smooth white chocolate, followed by a layer of dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of coffee powder!! Wow.

This amazing cauldron of flavours and textures sound astounding and they truly are. I tried eating one slowly peeling back each layer with my tastebuds, which was interesting. But I think the best and only way of enjoying this little ball of delight is to pop the whole thing into your mouth and munch away! Seriously, the flavours blend amazingly and yet stand distinguishably on their own. And it was irresistible. I had to close and put the box away several times but each time, brought it back out again. It can be bought in HK, I will find out where and let you know. Maybe.

Rating: 5/5 YES!

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