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Day 175 – Never give up

We had been eying the dark chocolate torte and cups of chocolate mousse lined up on the counter next to us all the way through lunch. We really should have listened to our inner voices which said to take some with our appetizers, but no we didn’t. We spent another 30 minutes enjoying our mains, delicious as they were, to find as our plates were taken away and we rose to collect our much awaited chocolate prize, that there were no more!! What the what!?!!!

New French restaurant Brass serving Michelin star dishes has a special 30% discount as their soft opening and you have to make a reservation as it’s been fully booked and today, people were turned away at the door. The salad and dessert bar were welcoming but we were saddened by the lack of chocolate to finish off our meal. We gently pleaded with our waiter Joe to search the kitchen for something of a chocolate nature. After several attempts he managed to return with these –

Creamy white chocolate shells with beautiful pearly pink damask prints. I never understand how they make things like this, but I definitely know how to appreciate them. Each were quite weighty little things, and surprisingly firm. I had to bite into it to crack it open and there was a fairly thick shell that was sweet and creamy. My mum would definitely enjoy these. Was still a little sad that we didn’t have the other chocolate desserts, but that just means we have to go back for more!

Rating: 4.5/5 (it wasn’t dark chocolate)

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Day 174 – Too good for you

A friend was given this bar to try and she kindly shared with me…

Stephen James Luxury Organics Choco Bar – it’s almost a fashion label that begs for an elite clientele. The packaging it cute and attractive, with quite a different sort of style to the whole raw food organic nature of the product and the luxury angle this brand is taking. Either way, the bar looks exactly as pictured on the website, so expectations will easily be met.

The bar itself was chocka full of nuts and seeds held together with the dates and flower nectar. I don’t doubt that it’s incredibly healthy and good for you, and each item is raw, pre-soaked and dehydrated ensuring all the goodness remains within. It seems like the perfect bar for a raw foodist!

I peeled off a section of the bar, it was quite soft and sticky. It was sweet (of the natural kind)… and nutty… got a little stuck in the teeth which I worked out… hmm I wasn’t sure about it. It’s not the sort of thing that floats my boat, but if I was in desperate need of a snack and had nothing else around I’d have one of these easily. A few moments later I found myself going for another bit. It wasn’t that bad, and it was starting to grow on me a bit. Or maybe it’s the moreish factor of the nuts? Who knows.

Rating: 2.5/5

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Day 173 – Super deal

After lunch we were sauntering around three sixty today and of course ended up browsing through the chocolate selection, which has extended it’s display to accommodate the Easter delectables.

Then we saw these….

What a deal!! $5 for Green & Black’s Maya Gold, an ultimate favourite of mine (as per post #17 ). Provided the expiry date is this Saturday, there’s still a good 4 days till then! So two slabs were bought and they’ve pretty much been consumed with a little help from some other dark chocolate lovers. Any friend of chocolate is a friend of mine.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 172 – Yo’mama

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really one to go for the frozen yogurt option, but tonight decided was tempted by Yo’ Ma Ma.

The branding is super cute, fresh and young – the ideal combination for a new frozen yogurt company in HK. With 2 basic flavours – original and green tea, choice of toppings include fresh fruits, sweet stuff, syrups, savoury and much more. I was inundated by the selection in front of me I wasn’t quite sure what to choose and ended up going for fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings –

The yogurt was tart and slighty creamy, but more on the water based side. I liked that it wasn’t too sweet nor did it melt straight away. The strawberries were a good choice that added a freshness and sweetness, however the chocolate shavings were thick and hard and the inconsistent sizes didn’t make it an enjoyable meal. Maybe I need to go with a sauce next time.

Rating: 3/5

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Day 171 – Easter egg is king

Cadbury’s in Bournville, Birmingham produces 40million easter eggs a year of which 50% is for UK market!

Watch how humans and robots work together putting eggs together – click here.

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Day 170 – They’re back

Cadbury Mini Eggs!!!

Visiting us once a year, these mini eggs are indeed a well sought after treat. Being in HK we have to look out for these UK imports in supermarkets and shops, and buy as many as possible as they soon run out of stock leading up to Easter.

They truly are wonderful little things; so easy to pop into your mouth, the sweet crunchy shell and firm dense chocolate waiting to be devoured and enjoyed. And one simply isn’t enough! If you see any, don’t hesitant, just buy a pack or two!

Rating: 5/5

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Day 169 – Flourless choco cake

On deciding what to have for dessert, of course we went for something dark and rich and definitely chocolatey and found a recipe for a flourless espresso chocolate cake! This we had to try.

Using two bars of extra fine Lindt dark chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar and some coffee powder, we (ok I didn’t actually make it but for the purpose of this post ‘we’ is used in general) melted, whipped and folded the ingredients together to make these decadent cups of rich chocolate cake –

They were fresh out of the oven, piping hot when we sat down to enjoy them. The top was crusty and similar to a brownie and the layer underneath was a hot and fluffy moist chocolate, almost like a souffle but a little more dense. I quite liked the soft cake, but others commented they’d prefer it firmer. The espresso flavour came through, but wasn’t too strong. A dollop of thickened cream would have gone nicely with this, but the ceramic pot was still scrapped clean hmmm!!

Rating: 5/5

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