Day 172 – Yo’mama

28 Mar

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not really one to go for the frozen yogurt option, but tonight decided was tempted by Yo’ Ma Ma.

The branding is super cute, fresh and young – the ideal combination for a new frozen yogurt company in HK. With 2 basic flavours – original and green tea, choice of toppings include fresh fruits, sweet stuff, syrups, savoury and much more. I was inundated by the selection in front of me I wasn’t quite sure what to choose and ended up going for fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings –

The yogurt was tart and slighty creamy, but more on the water based side. I liked that it wasn’t too sweet nor did it melt straight away. The strawberries were a good choice that added a freshness and sweetness, however the chocolate shavings were thick and hard and the inconsistent sizes didn’t make it an enjoyable meal. Maybe I need to go with a sauce next time.

Rating: 3/5

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