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Day 205 – At Emma’s

Up in Song Pan there was a cozy western-style diner catering for all the international travelers coming through (yes there’s a price attached to it). Emma’s, run by Emma herself and her brother are uber friendly and chatty and ready to welcome you to the neighbourhood through good ole home cooking.

Apart from the banana pancakes, yak burgers, pizzas, spaghetti, yak meat fried rice, yak yoghurt & fruit and great arabica coffee, we also had this –

Hot chocolate, Tibetan style. I wasn’t sure if it was from yak milk but a layer of coagulated milk at the top formed if you left it long enough so they definitely heated it up over the stove. Hmm. It wasn’t as chocolately as I’d have liked, but really when you’re up in the middle of nowhere with limited access to anything, you really can’t complain. It was just nice to have something warm and comforting in the cold!

Rating: 3.5/5

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Day 204 – Brown kiwi

This post has nothing to do with the native flightless bird of New Zealand, but Richfield’s 70% dark kiwi chocolate pictured below –

Purchased during the international food fair this flavour was chosen because of it’s unique and distinct roots to my home country. And it did not disappoint.

Although the kiwi flavour wasn’t as evident as some others I’ve tried, it added a subtle sweetness to the already rich and dark cocoa chocolate. I thoroughly enjoyed it and proceeded to consume segment after segment. Despite suffering from cold&flu ailments, it still tasted amazing. After a while I thought it better to share my discovery, especially given the fact that it probably wasn’t helping my sore throat and head.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 203 – Hot kina choco

This was one of the first hot chocolate tastings in China (or Kina as our Swedish traveling companions would say). It took place in idyllic settings – a quaint area in Chengdu, with cafes, galleries, shops and eateries in old styled chinese buildings. Absolutely beautiful. We decided to sit and soak in the atmosphere in celebration of a birthday with coffees, teas and of course hot chocolates.

Debauve & Gallais is actually a fine French dark chocolate brand, and can be found in select stores worldwide (there is a shop in Hong Kong!). The birthday boy (pictured) was kind enough to offer a sip of his molten cauldron of chocolate… and I gladly accepted. And oh it was divine. Rich, dark, thick and just the right temperature of warmth to enjoy without burning oneself. It wasn’t sweetened and you could taste the fine quality of the dark chocolate. I was so tempted to get one after my coffee!! Alas, I might have to venture to Lee Gardens in search of this perfecto cup.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 202 – Made in China

It seems everything is these days! It was amazing to see the development across the country and yet in so many places there was still a humbleness and simplicity of life. It really makes you learn to appreciate things more.

In regards to chocolate, this post title doesn’t conjure up any mouth watering images and in fact I’m a little wary about ones that hold that claim. Nevertheless, embracing the local flavours I picked this up in a small convenience store –

Le conte one of the many brands in China with foreign names was one of the more popular chocolates in this shop, with M&Ms and Snickers coming close in second place (yes these were both bought as well!). I decided to get a smaller size, not one to waste you know.

The milk chocolate was indeed sweet, giving my tooth a little sickly kick and the warmth encouraged a very soft, malleable texture. It almost tastes like the chocolate surrounding a Malteaser ball that has been left out in the sun too long. I couldn’t really even finish a second piece.. luckily there was only 3 in this bar!

Rating: 0/5

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Day 201 – Chinese mousse

I apologise profusely for this terrible photo. The lighting was bad and I wasn’t bothered to get my dslr out for this one, so you’ll have to make do with this –

The Golden Flower Shangri-la chocolate mousse was ah… creamy. It felt more creamy than chocolatey and was thick on the spoon and in the mouth. I don’t know if this is just the way they like their mousse in China, but it’s not really the kind of mousse I like so I ate as much as I could and left most of it. Luckily they came around with ice cream which helped clear the palate.

Rating: 1/5

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Day 200 – On the road

It’s always important to be prepared when you’re traveling, because you never know what situations you may end up in or what conditions you’ll be subjected to. For me, I always need to bring a few bars of chocolate because from experience, it can be difficult to find quality chocolate whilst being on the road. This time it was to China and I wasn’t getting my hopes up in crossing paths with amazing chocolate, so packed a stash.

Luckily I was traveling with some like minded people and this Meiji Almond box made an appearance fairly early into the trip (I don’t think we had even taken off on the plane yet!)

The crunchy almonds were covered in a milk chocolate layer, balancing the nutty flavour with subtle sweetness. It was definitely a welcomed companion on our travels!

Rating: 4/5

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Day 199 – Easter love

Specially delivery from the UK –

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Day 198 – Because it’s Easter

Check out some of these Easter inspired chocolates – it is a commercialised holiday as all holidays are, and being of a religious nature it seems a little wrong to capitalise on that too.

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Day 197 – White house easter

Announced at the White House there will be an Easter Egg roll

Also you can purchase your very own souvenir Easter eggs with stamped signatures of the President and First Lady. Who buys this stuff?!

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Day 196 – Easter display

Everywhere is gearing up with their chocolate displays –

City super –

Jason’s Supermarket –

Taste –

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