Day 205 – At Emma’s

30 Apr

Up in Song Pan there was a cozy western-style diner catering for all the international travelers coming through (yes there’s a price attached to it). Emma’s, run by Emma herself and her brother are uber friendly and chatty and ready to welcome you to the neighbourhood through good ole home cooking.

Apart from the banana pancakes, yak burgers, pizzas, spaghetti, yak meat fried rice, yak yoghurt & fruit and great arabica coffee, we also had this –

Hot chocolate, Tibetan style. I wasn’t sure if it was from yak milk but a layer of coagulated milk at the top formed if you left it long enough so they definitely heated it up over the stove. Hmm. It wasn’t as chocolately as I’d have liked, but really when you’re up in the middle of nowhere with limited access to anything, you really can’t complain. It was just nice to have something warm and comforting in the cold!

Rating: 3.5/5

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