Day 224 – Vero round two

19 May

Well it didn’t take me long to find myself back at Vero, the beloved haven of chocolate. Though this time it was to their Landmark shop which happens to be in quite an obscure location. The Landmark fancy touch screen directories did little to help our quest, but we managed to find it.

Thanks to the power of group buying and persuasive talking we managed to get our groupon discount with promise of delivering the printed coupon within the hour (yay for office assistants!). I opted for the 70% dark raspberry hot chocolate (I said I was going to get this next, didn’t I?) and to accompany this, we selected from their chocaroons – caramel, passionfruit, framboise and blueberry.

My choice –

Framboise Chocaroon
The dark chocolate dipped framboise chocaroon sandwiched a raspberry and marshmallow like filling, making for a pretty sweet treat certain to satisfy any sweet tooth!! It was nice, but after recently developing a taste for macaroons, this one really wasn’t rating high on my scale. Especially for the price of it.

Rating: 2/5

70% Dark Raspberry
I was a little hasty with the hot chocolate and began to sip away as we walked back. It was freakin hot!! The first sip was amazing… the thick dark chocolate was laced with a tart raspberry flavour with the bity bits. I didn’t stir the chocolate in, so the top layer maintained the rich raspberry flavour, accompanying each sip as I continued to drink it. I was just really surprised at how hot it really was, and I really had to be careful and coordinated, walking and sipping!

Rating: 5/5 hmmmm

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