Day 267 – Colourful towers

30 Jun

Preparing for a colleague’s birthday we decided to get something different than the usual faux creamed cake for something we knew she’d rather enjoy from Sift…

With several towers topped with a candle, she squealed in delight as she came into the conference room as we sung her a birthday song. There were plenty enough to go around, though for some they were eying up a few. Immediately going for the chocolate one, I was down to my last bite when another colleague who was a little too slow, had missed on having a chocolate one and so kindly shared my last piece. Next up was the passion – which was half green and half orange, the passion fruit filling was fresh and sweet! hmmm.. luckily for us, some found them too sweet and quickly dispersed, leaving a few vultures to finish off the rest. I quickly grabbed the caramel and departed to my seat to enjoy in silence. Though the chocolate one is still my favourite. I’ve already put in a request for my birthday to have an all chocolate macaroon tower! Hopefully someone remembers ha.

Rating: 5/5


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