Day 280 – Ms. Nobody

13 Jul

Apart from being one of my favourite chocolate flavours, orange is also one of my favourite colours. It gets to the point that when I actually see an orange coloured item, I immediately take mental note and at times even verbalise it. If you hang around me enough you’ll soon know.

And so as I was on my way out to lunch, I clocked this orange cellophane packaging on my colleague’s desk and stopped short.

The orange item:

Me: “what’s that?” pointing, arm stretched across her face
L: “what? huh?” (I think she was more taken back by my sudden movement)
Me: “the orange thing”
L: (picking it up) jaffa cakes.
Me: ohh really? jaffa cakes…
L: do you want? (holding them out)
Me: mmmm I do, but I shouldn’t (shaking my head, but not really moving from the side of her desk)
L: they’re all the way from the uk…
Me: ooh? (seriously rethinking my answer)
L: hmmm? (still holding them out in my direction)
Me: but I shouldn’t, really… should i? (looking at my other colleagues for support – the cakes have wheat, so hence my dilemma)

What happened next is actually a mystery… I think I actually did eat one as I walked into the lift, but then I remember saying how good I had been in not eating wheat-based items and left it at that. To be honest, both could have happened as I have witnesses to both paths being taken (I just double checked with two other people who were present, and they both seem to have wayward memories too). I’m quite happy if either of them did happen, “as long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.” Just call me Ms. Nobody.

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