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Day 330 – Sweet n dried

I love the fact people give chocolates as gifts, particularly in my household as I’m the only that really eats it, so regardless of the fact of whether I know them or not, I still reap the benefits of their friendship… sweet chocolate.

This generous giver bestowed upon us two boxes of Australian’s Ashmores chocolate covered freeze-dried strawberries! White chocolate for my mum and the other milk chocolate, which I had…

The milk chocolate was laid on thick and the strawberry sucked of every H20 molecule soften in the mouth as you ate away. They weren’t too bad, you just needed to pop one or two at any given time. I’d much prefer dark chocolate ones… they wouldn’t last long!

Rating: 3/5

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Day 329 – Thoughtful

The same birthday girl (it was an extended celebration) decided to give us all gifts, one that was somewhat difficult to come by in Hong Kong – Smarties!

She had ordered them through one of the larger supermarket chains and they shipped them over for her! Ironically she discovered that same day that you can actually buy them in select stores around HK. You just have to find them!

It must be a trained response, as when we received them we each started shaking them! Sadly they have wheat in them (surprise surprise!) but it didn’t stop everyone else from getting excited.

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Day 328 – Friends…

You definitely can tell who your friends are when they receive gifts like this on their birthday and don’t want to share them! I would do the same, but she kindly did, and I ended up finishing the mousse… super rich and intense chocolate!
Rating: 5/5

The macaroons she decided to take to work and select all the ones she liked most and gave the others to her colleagues haha… something I would do.

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Day 327 – Ball of fun

The birthday girl received a treat on the way to lunch, though the size of it made it difficult to share or even consume en route. Something to keep for later…

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Day 326 – Open sesame

It’s been a while since I’ve tried a new bar, and given the lack of snacks that have been available, I thought I’d give this one a whirl.

The bar was very thin and flimsy, and consisted of mainly sesame seeds… the chocolate was surprisingly added a strong flavour so it was rather good! It was a little to thin/small for my liking, but I guess if it was any bigger you’d be sesame’d out.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Day 325 – Slice an inch

Recently buffets seem to be enjoyed with only one plate… not sure what’s up with that! But of course we never miss out on dessert.

Bistecca’s lunch antipasti and dessert buffet is ideal, given the fact these are the courses I prefer. Moving quickly to dessert, fruit and other baked things I shouldn’t eat, I definitely take a slice of their chocolate mousse tart (I skip the tart part) and it looks divine, doesn’t it?

The mousse layer was dark and creamy, and I enjoyed taking small mouthfuls on as the lunch meeting continued without my input.

I finish off with a black coffee. Complete satisfaction.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 324 – A treat

A bag of these were brought into the office and shared with a select few. Humbly I happened to one of these, and enjoyed every bite as it melted in my mouth…

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