Day 313 – Kapok

14 Aug

Venturing out into the back alleys of Admiralty, I finally come across kapok, a design concept store I’ve been meaning to check out. I had been told to go here with someone, because we’d both enjoy it… Hmm set up much? This time I was quite glad to explore on my own. I had my own agenda.

Waiting for my cuppa, I browsed the counter top which was adorned in chocolates hailing from afar. There was a very minimalistic designed packaging, which I always find intriguing, but it was this one that I decided to go for, Dolfin’s dark chocolate with pink peppercorns:

Definitely and interesting flavour I hadn’t come across before. Taking a seat at the back, I sip my coffee and take my time getting into the chocolate. Luckily it’s a small 30g bar, and I break off a piece and nibble at it and ended up putting the whole thing in my mouth. The chocolate is indeed dark, and the peppercorns are whole and peppery (no surprise there). I wasn’t sure how much I liked it, as you have to crunch through the corns, and they’re really hard! Imagine your teeth being the pepper grinder! I think I prefer a more subtle peppery flavour if there was one in my chocolate.

Rating: 3/5

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