Day 322 – Back for more

23 Aug

Doing what you do at work, I made my way to a colleague’s desk to discuss things… from about 8 paces out I noticed an orange bar sitting on her desk. Hmmm…(eyebrow raised), approaching closer I discover it was another Ghirardelli…

Yes it is orange too! Dark orange… yum. I picked it up and checked it out more while ‘talking shop’ but I was a little distracted. She kindly offered for me to have some, but not wanting to be rude and open the packaging I politely declined and moved on. Another colleague, a little more assertive, upon hearing our conversation heads over to her desk and proceeds to rip through the packaging and in on the bar! It’s a lot easier when someone breaks the ice, so I shyly make my way back to take a piece (she urged me to take more, saying she wouldn’t finish it).

OH MY. It’s amazing.. the rich creamy dark cocoa melts in your mouth and the sweet orange flavoured filling oozes out. I stopped mid way back to my desk and go back for a second piece!

Rating: 5/5

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Posted by on August 23, 2011 in chocolate, dark, orange


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