Day 323 – Mnmnms

24 Aug

It was that time in the afternoon when you get the munchies and announcing to my colleagues ‘snack time’ I look around for what there was to eat. Having already consumed copious amounts of Ghirardelli chocolates over the past few days, I willed myself not to open the tin and try something else.

A sweet co-worker who usually tries to offer me her snacks but to no avail (it was her snack drawer that featured a while back), however this time, she had these:

Checking the ingredients at the back, I delightedly call out ‘all good’ as I pour the contents into my open palm – and they were orange (which I also state verbally). Always a good treat to be had, chocolate peanut M&Ms are great for energy and a snack.

Rating: 4/5

However, still not satisfied… I ventured into the adjoining room while another ‘meeting’ was happening and help myself to the brownie box (second batch of Day 317). Not bad, not bad, it was a little more moist, but could do with a little icing me thinks.

Rating: 3/5

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Posted by on August 24, 2011 in chocolate, gluten free, milk, nuts


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