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Day 323 – Mnmnms

It was that time in the afternoon when you get the munchies and announcing to my colleagues ‘snack time’ I look around for what there was to eat. Having already consumed copious amounts of Ghirardelli chocolates over the past few days, I willed myself not to open the tin and try something else.

A sweet co-worker who usually tries to offer me her snacks but to no avail (it was her snack drawer that featured a while back), however this time, she had these:

Checking the ingredients at the back, I delightedly call out ‘all good’ as I pour the contents into my open palm – and they were orange (which I also state verbally). Always a good treat to be had, chocolate peanut M&Ms are great for energy and a snack.

Rating: 4/5

However, still not satisfied… I ventured into the adjoining room while another ‘meeting’ was happening and help myself to the brownie box (second batch of Day 317). Not bad, not bad, it was a little more moist, but could do with a little icing me thinks.

Rating: 3/5

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Day 322 – Back for more

Doing what you do at work, I made my way to a colleague’s desk to discuss things… from about 8 paces out I noticed an orange bar sitting on her desk. Hmmm…(eyebrow raised), approaching closer I discover it was another Ghirardelli…

Yes it is orange too! Dark orange… yum. I picked it up and checked it out more while ‘talking shop’ but I was a little distracted. She kindly offered for me to have some, but not wanting to be rude and open the packaging I politely declined and moved on. Another colleague, a little more assertive, upon hearing our conversation heads over to her desk and proceeds to rip through the packaging and in on the bar! It’s a lot easier when someone breaks the ice, so I shyly make my way back to take a piece (she urged me to take more, saying she wouldn’t finish it).

OH MY. It’s amazing.. the rich creamy dark cocoa melts in your mouth and the sweet orange flavoured filling oozes out. I stopped mid way back to my desk and go back for a second piece!

Rating: 5/5

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Day 321 – Collectibles

I came into the office to find this lovely tin on our desk – a Ghirardedilli tin of chocolates. It’s so beautiful and immediately claimed it as mine. The contents of course will be shared, but I’m waiting to bring this pretty little thing home to add to my collection of chocolate tins!

Naturally I was the one who opened the tin and selected the dark mint square for the trip home. The thought of the milk caramel already gives me tooth ache and the 60% dark chocolate will go nicely with the morning espresso. Yay!

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Day 320 – 47 of the best

I want this book… just to look at it and savour the images:

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Day 319 – Luscious

All I could do is stare and drool at these behind the glass… Sift cupcakes look so divine!!

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Day 318 – Mocacin-no

I’m sure I’ve had one of these before – these powder mochachino packets. I’m really not a fan of instant coffee, nor am I really one to go for mochachinos, it really dilutes the flavours of two amazing drinks! So I’m not sure why I accepted this packet from my colleague in the afternoon, and not wanting to be rude I decided to drink it right then and there.

After mixing it up and sipping rapidly away (given the fact that, yes I was cold again. Blasted air cons!) not long after I was feeling rather ill. My stomach felt bloated and I quickly rushed to the bathroom, just in time as I proceeded to expel the watery contents the same way it had come in. mehh:( being sick is never fun.

It probably didn’t help that I had only consumed a double espresso and another black coffee that day, and that the night before I was feeling off from a gluten induced meal. Not the best of Fridays, and certainly not a good day mocacinno.

Rating: 0/5

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Day 317 – Homemade

Nothing beats good old homemade baking… even when it’s from a box!

This gluten free brownie mix was made and delivered by a friend – with coconut topping. It was chocolately enough, but faired on the dry side. You definitely needed a coffee or even a glass of cold milk to go with this one.

Rating: 2/5

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