Day 331 – Be kind

01 Sep

I picked up this bar knowing that at some point during the next few days I’d be caught desperately wanting something to eat without many options. I get grumpy when I’m hungry and my shoddy camera work just shows how impatient I was to get into it:

An American product, KIND Bars is shipped to HK by one of the larger grocery stores where they can charge a premium for things like this, targeting people, like myself, who have limited access to products catering to specific dietary requirements. I’m definitely one who has an affinity for new and attractive things, I easily fill the trolley strolling around and around (and around)! Suckers we are.

Their bars are choka full of goodness, with nuts, dried fruits and of course chocolate. The range available here is fairly small, but I went for the sesame and peanuts covered in chocolate. It was actually really good. Naturally very nutty, and the chocolate was generously drizzled over and under the bar. It helped counter the dryness of the nuts and sweetened it up.

Rating: 4/5

The nutritional information isn’t exactly the most tantilising, but it’s good for ya:

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