Day 334 – More mousse?

04 Sep

Always gotta love a buffet, even one where you have to ‘cook’ your own food. It’s a wonder why people pay for these things, but it is always fun playing chef and working on new dishes each time! We’ve grown up with Nomad’s (formerly Kublai’s), and it still holds a special place in our hearts – the all you can eat, buffet, animal skins on the wall and on the chairs, and as always, we make grand statements of how many bowls we’ll eat, but by the end of the second, we’re stuffed… ahh the memories.

Then it comes to dessert and mousse was on the menu:

I don’t know why it’s less than half full! It just means they have to clean more glasses… silly really. It wasn’t the best mousse that I’ve had, but I wasn’t expecting much, a little too rubbery and thick (not a good way). Though some others at the table were loving it had kept going back for more! They definitely had more of these little bowls than they did their mains ha

Rating: 2/5

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