Day 336 – Never say no

06 Sep

Whenever any one, in any situation, regardless of the time, current temperature or your mood, offers you ice cream, heed this message – “never say no.” It has to be a way of life, consuming ice cream. I don’t get how people brush it off saying, ‘oh it’s not my thing’ or ‘it’s too cold for that’ – seriously!? What lame excuses of depriving oneself of such heavenly nutrition.

And so this evening, I gladly said ‘yes’ when offered ice cream and had a quick glance at the tub – Dreyer’s Vanilla Chocolate Chip. Not one of my usual flavours, but remember, you never say no. So tucked right into it.

It was incredibly creamy, and cooling as Dreyer’s tends to melt pretty quickly. I liked the smooth chocolate chips that were shaped like teardrops. Perfect way to the day- ice cream, friends and a movie.

Rating: 5/5

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Posted by on September 6, 2011 in chocolate, ice cream


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