Day 353 – Whisk it

23 Sep

There are so many options for dining on the dark side, and after dinner we ventured out to find some tasty sweet treats which lead us to Whisk at The Mira.

It was pretty late and they seated us in the main dining area, the lights were low and they placed a glow lamp on our table to add to the romantic atmosphere. The interiors of the place seemed to be a little mismatched, with a patterned carpet, textured table clothes and sparkly bits on the chairs. Just wanting dessert we skipped to this menu and I choose the chocolate mousse, which was one of their signature items.

Looking rather like a plate of space invaders, I tuck in and it was superbly rich and smooth! The cherries had been drowned in a strong liquor, and the green peppermint jellies were interesting. I think the dish requires the chef actually coming to explain the details on the plate, as so much is happening and the different strong flavours I almost wanted to leave it all and just eat the mousse.

Rating: 4.5/5

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