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Day 370 – Chef’s snickers

We managed to get a table at Lupa, a new restaurant by celebrated chef Mario Batali. There were plenty of staff hanging around, almost too many but they seemed to keep themselves busy as we had several different servers. One in particular was very good at answering our ignorant questions about the carefully designed Italian menu.

His recommendations were excellent and thoroughly enjoyable, though a few erred on the skimp side. The dessert menu was equally mesmerising and we hastened to summon the waiter over to explain some of them.

He began, “The peanut chocolate bar is basically a snickers bar, with a hazelnut cake base, then a layer of chocolate caramel on top, followed by a chocolate ganache. It is served with a scoop of chocolate lemon sorbet,” he finished with a smile. I was sold and signed up for that!! We also decided to get the bourbon flour less chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

And boy we were not disappointed! Beautifully presented and a delight on the tastebuds, it truly was a gourmet snickers bar with varied flavours and textures of a thick gooey caramel, smooth slighty salty ganache and crunchy nuts… The sorbet was equally rich yet refreshing and light at the same time!

The flour less cake was a mere finger and though it didn’t lack in flavourit, fared far inferior in comparison to the peanut chocolate bar. Hmmm think that’s a new favourite.

Peanut Chocolate Bar


Bourbon Flourless chocolate cake


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Day 369 – Pretty little thing

Finally getting into the final gift from afar – this pretty little Sprungli 30g bar has a beautifully designed wrapper, the picture shows a variety of cultures buying this brand of chocolate! An interesting angle, but cocoa is a commodity.

This 65% bar was incredibly smooth and disappeared very quickly!! Anyone coming back from Switzerland please add this to your shopping list!


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Day 368 – Gifts from afar

A friend’s recent return from the far away Switzerland brought wonderful gifts of sweets and of course chocolates for us at home. Of the chocolate variety we have a macaroons like treat, which are actually luxemburgerlis, a lighter airier version of the French macaroon. They were tiny and not very sweet, hence being quickly consumed the morning after!

The other item was a chocolate bunny – which received a warm welcome given the lack of Easter eggs and bunnies consumed over the holidays. The hollow beast was snapped in two (head and ears vs the body) and shared accompanying the earlier morning treat. This being milk chocolate was a lot sweeter and quickly made for a sickly sugar overdose at 11am.

Thus, the third and last item is sitting patiently at my desk awaiting it’s turn to be enjoyed. I’ll update you on that one later.



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Day 367 – Not a brownie

At the end of our impromptu dinner tonight we looked through the menu for something to share. The options included a chocolate sundae, chocolate fondant or chocolate brownies. Given that the brownie came in several pieces with scoops of ice cream we figured it’ll be the easiest to share. When it came u peered at it saying matter-of-factly “that’s not a brownie” which it clearly wasn’t. With a thin layer of chocolate icing the cake textured dessert sat in front of us. Nonetheless it still tasted good, as did the creamy vanilla ice cream and thick chocolate sauce on the side… But it wasn’t a brownie!


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Day 366 – Caffe bites


Dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut mousse on a cake base. It was very light and easy to eat, I found myself finishing it quite easily without any help. The chocolate mousse could have been darker but otherwise there wasn’t much to complain about.

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