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Day 375 – French flavour

Needing to kill an hour or so while Toby was being groomed, we popped into La Cioche, a very authentic parisian cafe off the motorway. Not particularly hungry (I haven’t really been since being here, I haven’t stopped eating!) I opted for a coffee and the chocolate mousse and I wasn’t disappointed!!


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Day 374 – Ho amazing?

I am so easily influenced when it comes to chocolate, it is my weakness my kryptonite. My colleague tried a tiny little cake and loudly professed how amazing it was, and placed it on my desk to have a look/try if I could. Quickly browsing at the packaging I was dubious to the amazingness of it’s contents and the ingredients reminded me that I would feel adverse effects if I were to consume it. Nonetheless, beg the push over that I am when it comes to things of chocolate, I made a decision that the sacrifice could be worth it and I had to try it to make sure… and so I did.

Sweet, with a notable coffee flavour the bite sized cake was soft and palatable. To say it was ‘ho ho amazing’ might have been an overstatement as it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever had but it definitely wasn’t the worst. It was not bad and perhaps for you gluten and wheat eating people out here it is ho amazing.


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Day 373 – Zip it

I spotted this bag across the room on my colleagues desk and called out to her… She promptly came over with the bag in tow and plonked it on my table. She was munching away and I proceeded to join her. Another more weight conscious colleague decided not to eat any but also decided that we shouldn’t either and closed the bag.

They made the foolish mistake of leaving it on my desk… Zip locks keep the freshness in but they don’t keep me out. I reopened the bag and resumed munching away. The huge bag is weighty and was already only half full (or half empty). Zipping the bag back up I commanded them to take it away and hide it. I will not submit to its addictive power again. Today.


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Day 372 – Poached

I’ve been meaning to try this since I spotted the ‘cold poached chocolate’ sign that Awfully Chocolate on Stanley St has on their glass window. It’s in front of a stainless steel bench top which is where I can only imagine the magic happens.

Only available at set times of the day, the poached chocolates come in various flavours and today’s choice were Kahlua, cointreau and whiskey. We decided to get the Kahlua one given my caffeine craving (and both the serving ladies said that it was their favourite) and the whipped cream in the shape of a lady with orange beads was selected in honour of the recent mothers day.

There was no holding us back – the chocolate was so incredibly smooth, light, yet rich and dark… The whipped cream balanced the richness nicely and I could hear the ladies behind the counter giggling as we passionately savoured every bite of the chocolate mound. A-mazing.


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Day 371 – Better than sex?

A friend had posted a picture of a chocolate cake on instagram with the caption ‘better than sex’ as expected she has numerous comments, with a few in reference to her husband! Her defence was ‘its cake!’

Indeed Mrs B’s has a chocolate with that name. It was recently purchased for a birthday and though I couldn’t try it given its gluten and wheat content, the verdict was mixed but it was unanimous that it was an amazing chocolate cake. The honey comb chocolate topping was pretty good!


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