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Day 380 – Minty fresh


Needing a pick me up this morning I reach for this dark mint bar that looks promising! And indeed I was not disappointed. The natural peppermint flavour was strong and its a great way to freshen up!


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Day 379 – Dark passion

There was a full spinning rack at the corner of a supermarket aisle dedicated to Lindt chocolate. I excitedly spun it around and around catching glimpses of my favourite ones. I stopped when I saw this new one I hadn’t come across before – Passionfruit Intense dark. I love the tartness of passionfruit and started to imagine and salivate how well it would go with the bitter darkness. And so it was quickly added to the basket.

Finally home I decided to break into it and the signature Lindt large squares were a perfect portion. The Passionfruit flavour was strong and slivers of almond added texture to the smooth chocolate. What a great combination! This bar has moved up high on my list. Lindt you’ve done it again.


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Day 378 – Mousse please

Invited to lunch by the big boss, it’s always hard to say no, so I trooped along.

As with all set lunches you need to be a bit strategic and check out the deal and options available: 2-courses vs 3-courses, dessert, whether it includes coffee/tea and plan accordingly. The starter and mains were easy choices. But the dessert was an extra $30 which I must have vocalised as my big boss said, “you can get that too”! Sweet.

The choice between panna cotta and chocolate mousse was never really a difficult one for me, despite a colleague vouching for the panna cotta.

I eagerly finish my starter salad and crumbed sole filet and wait in anticipation for dessert. Unfortunately for my colleague they had sold out of the panna cotta. Any pity I had for him disappeared as mine was placed on front of me… Oh my mousse! Creamy and rich, the caramelised slice of lemon on top was the perfect mix if sweet and sour. It was a very happy lunch day.


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Day 377 – Gluten free please

After a big brunch lunch, I ordered a long black and decided I wanted something sweet to go with it. The cabinet had an array of delicious items but nothing was labelled gluten free so I had to ask them which ones I can could enjoy. The first thing she said was chocolate torte and I didn’t listen to the rest.

It was served with a potter of cream and dusted icing on top and was suburb! I forgot how full I was and ignored the conversation going on, and ploughed into it!! I was definitely full and equally satisfied by the time I had finished.


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Day 376 – Hottie choccie

On a whim we decided that we must go to get hot chocolates tonight, and there was a 70s style cinema we had been planning on visiting which actually had a cafe serving a reputable cup of chocolate. So the evening was set and after dinner we made our way to The Roxy.

Beautifully decorated with high ceilings, hand painted walls, thick red carpet and velvet chairs, the place was low lit, luxurious and cozy. We got tickets and placed our order for the famous hot chocolates. We didn’t have to wait long and were presented by these cauldrons of milky chocolate – they were so creamy and frothy and had a good chocolate flavour that many other candidates lack! Although it’s warming effects made me a little sleepy and going into a dark cinema doesn’t bode well for the rest of the evening.


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