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Day 391 – Chocolate thief

I had been called into my boss’ office for a meeting and saw a bright pink box on her desk. Fauchon Paris Gout No5 Noir Fruite. It had been there while she was away on a business trip but I never ventured in to explore its contents.. But today I was feeling bold and as she was searching for something on her computer I leaned over and flipped it open (great packaging design) and popped one in my mouth.*

Smooth dark chocolate covered almonds and hazelnuts, and they always say nuts are moreish… I couldn’t stop with these!! I kept flipping the little door open to help myself to another, saying to my boss ‘these are really good!’ She agreed, without turning and continued doing her thing.

Someone else walked into the room for a quick meeting so I quietly made my escape with a chocolate almond for the road.

House Fauchon Paris has been around since 1886 when it opened it’s first store in Paris. During the Second World War they had an agreement with Air France to import gourmet products and exotic fineries from all over the world. From bakeries, restaurants, wine stores, tea houses, chocolates and macaroons, Fauchon eludes luxury in everything that bears it’s name. Following a traditional French collection style, the House has created their range of chocolates under 6 numbers, 6 identities, 6 designer brands. I have actually tried another one of their products a while ago No.2.

*I do not recommend trying this on your boss or superior, I work for a friend’s family so I do get a little leeway.


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Day 390 – Chocolate capsule

Today we had a visit from a local coffee company who were presenting their capsule machines for home/office use. The slim machine looked sleek in black and metal trimmings. It held a litre of water, a simple 4 button operation and a lever to plug in the capsule. Very cute. Little did I expect was that they had a chocolate capsule!

The guy went on to explain that the concept and capsules were from Germany by a company who always have a chocolate brand – Kruger! I eagerly awaited to try the hot chocolate.

We went through three coffees (which I’m not complaining about) – the single Colombian and espresso blend were surprisingly good. None of us were in the mood for the teas so we skipped that and went for the chocolate.

The glass used was an espresso glass and the lady demonstrating ran the machine to give a longer pour as it usually is for a larger cup.

The crema, if you can call it that for hot chocolate was beautifully silky and fluffy, like whipped egg whites and the chocolate liquid filled the glass creating a few inches of warm inviting goodness.

I went straight in for a sip… It was thick and rich, and full of chocolatey flavour! So many capsule/pod based chocolates are either very watery or powdery. This was neither. The others had a sip to taste and I finished it off.

Definitely a satisfying cup! They kindly left the machine with us to trial and boxes of samples to try the different flavours of coffees, teas and of course the chocolate. Later that afternoon I made myself another long chocopresso. Yes. That word is made up.



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Day 389 – Casa Nini

I was getting a little grumpy as dinner at a friends was pushed back to 9pm, well that’s web we were to come over, dinner itself wouldn’t commence till a bit later. That all disappeared when I saw the dining area set up with a colourful patterned table cloth, appetisers nicely played and a menu, how cute! An array of Central American delights sounded tantalising but it was the dessert that caught my eye (doesn’t it always?!) – “15 minute” chocolate torte served with ice cream and berries.

The chef shared that the ingredients consisted of 70% dark chocolate, eggs and butter. No sugar! It was divine. moist and rich, the sweetness and creaminess of vanilla ice cream and tart raspberries balanced it well.


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Day 388 – Late night companion

This tall dark shapely box sits next to my computer and is a wonderful encourager during late nights of working…


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Day 387 – Chocolate print

This combines to things I love.. chocolate and printing – love it!

Chocolate Print from Stem Creative on Vimeo.

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Day 386 – Makes me happy

Special delivery from the UK




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Day 385 – Great discovery

On my way home last night I was somewhat blinded by these bright shining lights.. stunned, I stopped and looked up and saw the sign “The American Store”. Seriously that’s the name and as I step in I started to giddy from the sugar high I’m taking in with my eyes – rows upon rows of candy and sweets of all sorts beamed back at me. Kitsch packaging, tins and toys that you’d be stretched to find elsewhere in HK, we’re neatly lined up and waiting to be taken home.

I immediately pick up a few keepsake tins and a pack of these M&M dark mints! Savouring the next day, they sure were minty, almost like a mouth freshener and the dark chocolate wasn’t too sweet which seemed to balance it out. I quickly work my way through the packet, doing the polite thing and offering it around (only once). Might have to pick up another pack or two on my way home next time.


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Day 384 – Oh those OJs

I love these Jaffas! The sweet crunchy red shell with a dark orange chocolate interior… it’s a great treat at any time of the day!


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Day 383 – Milky corn

It’s almost expected that when someone in the office goes away has to bring back snacks… This is one that came back recently – Hokkaido Hori Corn Chocolate. Intriguing!

They are wrapped individually and the popped corn stick is covered in milky white chocolate. It’s sweet, a little salty from the corn and creamy. Not altogether bad, but not something I could eat copious amounts of! I think I’ll leave the rest to my colleagues.


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Day 382 – Dark knight

I’m off to see Dark Knight Rises tonight in IMAX! Very excited and I’m rather proud that I’ve kept sheltered from all trailers, reviews and commentaries about this.

Unlike other caramel bars made with milk chocolate, Whittaker’s dark caramel doesn’t melt into a gooey mess (albeit a delicious one) making it the perfect movie companion. I’ve just opened it for a little nibble to get the day going.


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