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Day 347 – Chocoolate

:Chocoolate – it’s besides me why this shop is called such, but I guess there doesn’t always have to be a reason. Having been stopped for taking photos in the shop (their walls looks like a chocolate bar!), I have to resign by using a screengrab of their site:

“Let’s keep everything simple and neat” – the shop provides the basics and some other more interesting pieces for men, and their white chocoolate range for the women, a slightly younger school/university look. It’s casual and comfortable.

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Day 338 – Life element

Just came across this and made the geek in me laugh

Humorous depiction of the spelling of chocolate in relation to the elements: C (carbon), Ho (holmium), Co (cobalt), La (lanthanum), and Te (Tellurium); only two (C and Co), to note, are actually found in the structure (diet) of the human molecule (human being).

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Day 302 – Eat + wear it

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Day 293 – Treat for two

I’m certainly not the only one who has bought things from those coupon sites… there’s so many of them, and for the most part the deals are pretty good! Just remember to read the fine print and make note of the validity date. I’ve lost out already on one, whoops.

The one used tonight was far from being missed; having had to reschedule several times as they were so busy and at others we weren’t able to make it either. But finally we did, and it was worth it!

Beautiful Unisex Salon’s chocolate body massage and hand treatment! No photos sorry, it’s a bit awkward when you have chocolate over you and towels trying to keep you decent. (Note that it is unisex, so lads step right up.)

The place itself was pleasant enough, and we quickly went in to the room, was provided some attractive disposable underwear and lay on the beds and waited for the treatment to begin.

The ladies didn’t take their time getting to work on us. The neck massage was much needed, and she continued to moved down my back and legs lathering up on the oil. It felt a little more like a re-body shaping massage the way she pushed things up and around! Nevertheless, overall it was soothing and relaxing… in particular the head massage! It really felt too short and she swiftly moved to my belly and pushed down in areas for so long that I wasn’t sure if time had suddenly stopped. At moments it felt a little uncomfortable and I kept peering out under the towel covering my eyes.

I was a little disappointed that there was no smells of chocolate filling the air to aid the whole experience, and it only came as she brushed a cold dense milk chocolate mixture on my belly and wrapped it in plastic. Ok, that felt a little odd. While she was doing that, another lady came along and gave me a hand treatment, massaging with oils and coating my hands in two layers of chocolate stuff, then placing it in a plastic bag, and THEN into what felt like heated oven mitts! That would have been a priceless picture: lying there, half covered in towels, a plastic chocolate wrap on my mid-drift, oven mitts and a towel over my face! There was a bustling of ladies in the tiny room moving things around, chattering away as they quickly wiped chocolate from our bodies and ushered us to the bathrooms for showers.

By the time we came back they had already set the beds up for the next customers (yes they were that busy!). As we were signing out they offered to introduce us to their packages (their cunning plan), which we politely declined and the owner/manager then looked away and ignored us as we left! Wow. I guess they must get that a lot, but it’s business and they have to expect a certain level of one-off customers.

We were pretty much satisfied and definitely a little dozy as much expected after being worked on. Will definitely sleep well tonight. Though I wouldn’t go back nor would I recommend, well only if they had another coupon.

Rating: 3/5

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Day 278 – Willie’s cacao

100% pure cacao bars by Willie’s World Class Cacao.

Great fun interactive website. Check out the videos, they’re rather random, but definitely amusing!

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Day 262 – Edible website

Click to enter and indulge… (watch the video, it’s awesome!)

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Day 198 – Because it’s Easter

Check out some of these Easter inspired chocolates – it is a commercialised holiday as all holidays are, and being of a religious nature it seems a little wrong to capitalise on that too.

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Day 197 – White house easter

Announced at the White House there will be an Easter Egg roll

Also you can purchase your very own souvenir Easter eggs with stamped signatures of the President and First Lady. Who buys this stuff?!

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Day 196 – Easter display

Everywhere is gearing up with their chocolate displays –

City super –

Jason’s Supermarket –

Taste –

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Day 166 – Have a break

Coming out of the MTR station this morning I saw these delightful workers handing out equally delightful red packages –

A brilliant little marketing exercise, everyone loves freebies and in the middle of HK’s business district what better way to encourage people to “have a break” at some point during the day. Though for myself I consumed it straight away (I know.. it wasn’t quite 9am, maybe more 8:50am) but it was ‘research’ and I also needed some energy to get up that hill! They would definitely benefit by having it scheduled just after lunch or mid-afternoon.

Rating: 5/5

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