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Day 389 – Casa Nini

I was getting a little grumpy as dinner at a friends was pushed back to 9pm, well that’s web we were to come over, dinner itself wouldn’t commence till a bit later. That all disappeared when I saw the dining area set up with a colourful patterned table cloth, appetisers nicely played and a menu, how cute! An array of Central American delights sounded tantalising but it was the dessert that caught my eye (doesn’t it always?!) – “15 minute” chocolate torte served with ice cream and berries.

The chef shared that the ingredients consisted of 70% dark chocolate, eggs and butter. No sugar! It was divine. moist and rich, the sweetness and creaminess of vanilla ice cream and tart raspberries balanced it well.


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Day 377 – Gluten free please

After a big brunch lunch, I ordered a long black and decided I wanted something sweet to go with it. The cabinet had an array of delicious items but nothing was labelled gluten free so I had to ask them which ones I can could enjoy. The first thing she said was chocolate torte and I didn’t listen to the rest.

It was served with a potter of cream and dusted icing on top and was suburb! I forgot how full I was and ignored the conversation going on, and ploughed into it!! I was definitely full and equally satisfied by the time I had finished.


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Day 374 – Ho amazing?

I am so easily influenced when it comes to chocolate, it is my weakness my kryptonite. My colleague tried a tiny little cake and loudly professed how amazing it was, and placed it on my desk to have a look/try if I could. Quickly browsing at the packaging I was dubious to the amazingness of it’s contents and the ingredients reminded me that I would feel adverse effects if I were to consume it. Nonetheless, beg the push over that I am when it comes to things of chocolate, I made a decision that the sacrifice could be worth it and I had to try it to make sure… and so I did.

Sweet, with a notable coffee flavour the bite sized cake was soft and palatable. To say it was ‘ho ho amazing’ might have been an overstatement as it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever had but it definitely wasn’t the worst. It was not bad and perhaps for you gluten and wheat eating people out here it is ho amazing.


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Day 371 – Better than sex?

A friend had posted a picture of a chocolate cake on instagram with the caption ‘better than sex’ as expected she has numerous comments, with a few in reference to her husband! Her defence was ‘its cake!’

Indeed Mrs B’s has a chocolate with that name. It was recently purchased for a birthday and though I couldn’t try it given its gluten and wheat content, the verdict was mixed but it was unanimous that it was an amazing chocolate cake. The honey comb chocolate topping was pretty good!


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Day 367 – Not a brownie

At the end of our impromptu dinner tonight we looked through the menu for something to share. The options included a chocolate sundae, chocolate fondant or chocolate brownies. Given that the brownie came in several pieces with scoops of ice cream we figured it’ll be the easiest to share. When it came u peered at it saying matter-of-factly “that’s not a brownie” which it clearly wasn’t. With a thin layer of chocolate icing the cake textured dessert sat in front of us. Nonetheless it still tasted good, as did the creamy vanilla ice cream and thick chocolate sauce on the side… But it wasn’t a brownie!


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Day 362 – Wide load

Mrs B’s cake bag is bigger than me!!

A new little cakery in Gough St, with beautifully designed cakes refridgerated in glass houses, they are pieces of art! Tasty ones too.

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Day 361 – That chocolate thing

This name for Bubba Gump’s dessert cracks me up and I said it repeatedly before and throughout the meal, “I want that chocolate thing!” With a great view of the National Day fireworks, and celebrating a birthday, we were all in good spirits and filling up on the spread before us. But that didn’t stop me from remembering my core reason for being here. So when the dessert time came around I immediately stated what I wanted and it soon came along:

A chocolate flourless pudding with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The jar was overflowing and I didn’t hesitate to dig my spoon in. hmmm… it was rather disappointing! There wasn’t much pudding, and all my spoon fished out was the sauce, which seemed artificially thickened and flavourless. It wasn’t gluten free for sure. With deflated excitement, I poked around at the ice cream and sauce for a while and felt jipped.

Rating: 1/5

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Day 357 – Lingini fini

This place came highly recommended, despite not being able to eat much from the menu with the pastas, pizzas and breads, I still really enjoyed the place. The ambience evokes more of a New York feel, and I like the decor and layout of the place. The produce is freshly made and sourced from local farms which is a great concept I believe more restaurants should grab hold of.

Sadly there was no dessert I was able to enjoy, apart from sorbet, but I didn’t want that. My dining companions ordered the tiramisu which had chocolate ice cream and crumble over it:

It was quite a different sort of tiramisu and I only tried the ice cream, which was creamy and light and the crumble stuff which I wasn’t sure what it was, as it kept melting with the ice cream too.

Overall a tasty introduction to the dish and I was assured it was very good!

Rating: difficult to rate

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Day 349 – O brownie

Being my first time to O Green, a gluten free restaurant in Sheung Wan, I scanned the menu thoroughly and of course spent the majority of time on the desserts and sweet things. I love the fact that they had several gluten free options of chocolate items, which all sounded pretty tempting. I decided to check the cabinet first before making my choice. The gluten free chocolate brownie looked much more promising and chocolately than the quinoa chocolate cake. I’ll leave that one for next time.

Finishing my main first, I quickly put in my sweet order and it came just as everyone finished.. so pretty:

Sadly it wasn’t as good as it looked. It was a lot drier than I expected, dense and definitely chocolately. The sauce helped a little but I think there needed to be more or at least have the brownie warmed up a little to soften it.

Rating: 3/5

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Day 345 – Oh Maria!

Though I don’t know if it really makes me want to eat it… it looks a little to ‘done’.

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