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Day 382 – Dark knight

I’m off to see Dark Knight Rises tonight in IMAX! Very excited and I’m rather proud that I’ve kept sheltered from all trailers, reviews and commentaries about this.

Unlike other caramel bars made with milk chocolate, Whittaker’s dark caramel doesn’t melt into a gooey mess (albeit a delicious one) making it the perfect movie companion. I’ve just opened it for a little nibble to get the day going.


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Day 285 – Hullet me

A lovely celebratory lunch in honour of a marriage register at the Hullet House, the beautifully restored old police station in TST.

The private room, albeit a freezing one, had magnificent wooden window frames and oriental styled chandeliers. The plush blue sofa and armchairs proved a comfortable post-meal resting place for young and old, though the finishing of the walls seemed a little hasty. Nevertheless, a lovely place for such an occasion.

With a dessert buffet and our persuasive hosts, we received platter upon platter of selected desserts brought to our table, which was very much welcomed. In particular, these chocolate items:

Chocolate creme brulee
This was a smooth and creamy treat, with a caramelised top. There were several other flavours of this, but chocolate, not surprisingly topped my list.
Rating: 5/5

Dark chocolate truffle square
Wow, this was basically chocolate and cream. It was thick and a little sticky with a caramel center! Wow.
Rating: 5/5

Chocolate mousse
This is the most disappointing of the lot, as it was mainly cream with a thin layer of mousse. Tut tut.
Rating: 1/5

Chocolate layered slice
Unable to enjoy the sponge base, that didn’t stop me. The other chocolate layers were rich and sweet to my liking.
Rating: 4/5

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Day 277 – Mini bites

Another exhibitor knew the tricks of the trade by offering curious passerbys these –

There was a bowl of all sorted Cailler chocolates, which was a rather quality brand to be offering attendees, 60% of which are there for the freebies! Kindly helping each other to get through the days, we passed and shared our treats. Being a milk caramel chocolate, it was super sweet, despite it’s size! Definitely one to give you a tooth ache if you ate too many.

Rating: 4/5

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Day 269 – Yammmy

Trying out a new brunch buffet, Mira’s Yamm proved an attractive choice – allowing us to drag a few more people over to the dark side.

With a good spread of appetisers (which is always my favourite), I decided to skip the mains and head straight for the desserts, which include this mud cake and caramel tart –

The mud cake was deliciously thick and rich, I had it with a little ice cream which added to the sweetness to my liking. The caramel tart however, was a little disappointing. The caramel was overly sweet, ok I know it’s suppose to be, but it was really seriously just too much. I dug around it to get to the chocolate filling which was truffle like and very dark. Me liked. But overall I think I preferred the mud cake.

I went back to the mains and appetisers, before finishing off with another plate of dessert. Yep, that’s how we roll.

Rating: 5/5 mudcake – 2.5/5 caramel tart

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Day 255 – Curly wurly fun

This was another purchase at the candy carnival the other day –

It really hit the sweet tooth, with the thick sticky caramel and milk chocolate coating. What I enjoy about this one is that it’s a sizable piece not some small iddy biddy thing. Though it does give you quite a tooth ache!

Rating: 4.5/5

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Day 248 – Sign of love

This bowl of beauties helped me get through the first few hours of a wedding reception as we waited for guests to arrive, be greeted, signed off and seated.

Always a sucker for red packaging, I went for them first not knowing what they were. On opening I realised the milk chocolate colour and prepared myself for disappointment. BUT, little did I know that the contents were a sweet caramel, which I discovered on my first bite! Hmmm… caramello.

In the name of friendships, weddings and love, the next few hours proceeded with a collection of wrappers piling up behind me on my seat as I ticked people’s names of the list and showed them their seats.

Rating: 5/5

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