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Day 359 – Typhoon nesat

It was pure joy waking up to realise it was T8 and after confirming that all the meetings/interviews were cancelled for the day, I was unable to go back to sleep and decided to spend some time in the kitchen. While some gluten free muesli was in the oven, I wanted to try a new muffin recipe, and with the limited ingredients that I had I adapted a recipe, adding things and replacing things as best I could. The result wasn’t too bad, gluten free chocolate cranberry muffins:

Definitely better with a coffee!

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Day 30 – It IS good for you

I’ve convinced myself as I’ve been eating these that they are indeed good for me, especially with two super antioxidants ingredients – dark chocolate and cranberries!

They were brought back from Canada specifically as research for this blog – thanks Mandily!!:) So I was quite happy to get my hands on the pack and proceeded to indulge in the contents. And wow, they are amazing. The dark rick chocolate is paired nicely with the tart and semi sweet cranberries, making them a delightful snack while working away on the computer. I couldn’t actually stop eating them. They became quite addictive and after finishing about half the pack in one go, I had to find a bulldog clip to tidy them away and place them far out of arms reach!!

Run by a family farm Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh, it’s lovely to read how it all started

When you’re married and run a farm together, it’s nice to find something you can agree upon. This is it. Chocolate and cranberries – our two favourite food groups. M & W Johnston

Aww.. isn’t that sweet?

Rating: 5/5

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