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Day 374 – Ho amazing?

I am so easily influenced when it comes to chocolate, it is my weakness my kryptonite. My colleague tried a tiny little cake and loudly professed how amazing it was, and placed it on my desk to have a look/try if I could. Quickly browsing at the packaging I was dubious to the amazingness of it’s contents and the ingredients reminded me that I would feel adverse effects if I were to consume it. Nonetheless, beg the push over that I am when it comes to things of chocolate, I made a decision that the sacrifice could be worth it and I had to try it to make sure… and so I did.

Sweet, with a notable coffee flavour the bite sized cake was soft and palatable. To say it was ‘ho ho amazing’ might have been an overstatement as it wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever had but it definitely wasn’t the worst. It was not bad and perhaps for you gluten and wheat eating people out here it is ho amazing.


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Day 340 – Top it off

A day with warm hospitality and company, a scrumptious spread of homebaked pies, coca cola wings (seriously was tasty), Stilton and pumpkin and sweet potato fries.. you wonder how it could get better!!

Well it did… with Haagen Daaz’ cappucino truffle ice cream and a nespresso coffee:

Rating: 4/5 (needed more truffles!)

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Day 325 – Slice an inch

Recently buffets seem to be enjoyed with only one plate… not sure what’s up with that! But of course we never miss out on dessert.

Bistecca’s lunch antipasti and dessert buffet is ideal, given the fact these are the courses I prefer. Moving quickly to dessert, fruit and other baked things I shouldn’t eat, I definitely take a slice of their chocolate mousse tart (I skip the tart part) and it looks divine, doesn’t it?

The mousse layer was dark and creamy, and I enjoyed taking small mouthfuls on as the lunch meeting continued without my input.

I finish off with a black coffee. Complete satisfaction.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 318 – Mocacin-no

I’m sure I’ve had one of these before – these powder mochachino packets. I’m really not a fan of instant coffee, nor am I really one to go for mochachinos, it really dilutes the flavours of two amazing drinks! So I’m not sure why I accepted this packet from my colleague in the afternoon, and not wanting to be rude I decided to drink it right then and there.

After mixing it up and sipping rapidly away (given the fact that, yes I was cold again. Blasted air cons!) not long after I was feeling rather ill. My stomach felt bloated and I quickly rushed to the bathroom, just in time as I proceeded to expel the watery contents the same way it had come in. mehh:( being sick is never fun.

It probably didn’t help that I had only consumed a double espresso and another black coffee that day, and that the night before I was feeling off from a gluten induced meal. Not the best of Fridays, and certainly not a good day mocacinno.

Rating: 0/5

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Day 314 – Distraction

Class day. That meant snacks and ones that would keep me entertained and awake throughout the 3 hours that followed.

As I rounded the aisle with some other edible purchases, this caught my eye – Notably, the coffee + chocolate combination in Meiji’s Coffee Beat tube:

Suddenly struck by a nostagia for my espresso pillows (I actually had been thinking about them earlier that day!), I picked them up and headed to the check out counter.

After a mere 10 minutes into class, I was getting into the packaging (quietly) and proceeded to open the cardboard tube – I had a little giggle as there are the cutest little characters on the inside when you take the lid off (now you just have to go buy some to find out what they look like ha). Popping a handful of them I was actually blanked a bit from what the tutor was saying and stared intently at the tube, whilst turning it over in my hand. A-MAZING!! Seriously, it’s been a while since I’ve come across any chocolate that I really really like, and this one just caught me off guard. With a crunchy sugar shell, the chocolate inside is coffee flavoured, and it’s surprisingly strong. Imagine, coffee flavoured M&Ms hmmm… apparently M&Ms do have a mocha flavour, but I haven’t come across them yet. Wishlist.

Anyway, back to this amazing discovery – I continued to munch down most of the tube, while falling behind the rest of the class, and having ask someone what we were doing. Distracted by chocolate. Good excuse.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 279 – Good start

What better way to start my day than with this…

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Day 256 – WHOOP!

100 days to go!!*

Ironically, there’s no specific chocolate to write about today. Have I been chocolate’d out? I think not. There has been chocolate consumption today, several kinds in fact, but I tend to stick with my favourites a lot, why waste precious time on sub-standard stuff? Exactly. Perhaps a good way to celebrate this day is to share my top 5 chocolates… oh this is going to be hard. Hmmm…

In no particular order:
1. Cadbury’s Flake (from the UK, of course)
2. Whittaker’s Dark Orange (NZ)
(wow, this is harder than I thought)
3. Ah Trader Joe’s Espresso Pillows (USA)
4. How could I forget these – Lindt Lindor Balls! (origin Switzerland)
5. And lastly, Green & Black’s Maya Gold (UK)

Surprisingly or not, all of these chocolates were mentioned early on in this venture, and have featured again several times over these past 256 days. They definitely are worth it. If you haven’t tried them all yet, you must. I insist!

*As I finish writing this, I only just realised it’s actually 110 days to go… oh well not rewriting this post.

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Day 169 – Flourless choco cake

On deciding what to have for dessert, of course we went for something dark and rich and definitely chocolatey and found a recipe for a flourless espresso chocolate cake! This we had to try.

Using two bars of extra fine Lindt dark chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar and some coffee powder, we (ok I didn’t actually make it but for the purpose of this post ‘we’ is used in general) melted, whipped and folded the ingredients together to make these decadent cups of rich chocolate cake –

They were fresh out of the oven, piping hot when we sat down to enjoy them. The top was crusty and similar to a brownie and the layer underneath was a hot and fluffy moist chocolate, almost like a souffle but a little more dense. I quite liked the soft cake, but others commented they’d prefer it firmer. The espresso flavour came through, but wasn’t too strong. A dollop of thickened cream would have gone nicely with this, but the ceramic pot was still scrapped clean hmmm!!

Rating: 5/5

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Day 165 – Pick me up

It’s become a much needed routine these days, especially around 11am and 3pm. Coffee.

Today the closest place was a Starbucks. I missed out on their 2-hours of generosity last Friday giving all proceeds to aid Japan earthquake relief. A worthy cause, but in all honesty being the global organisation that they are you’d think they would spare a bit more than a few hours of coffee donations. It did have a good marketing spin, which probably was the most part of it. Anyway. I reluctantly get a coffee and thought I’d try something new…

Starbucks new spring promotion Cocoa Cappucino.

Though I’m not really one to go for a cappuccino, it will do. The cocoa was powdery throughout the espresso based drink and maybe because it was iced, it was more obvious. Swirling it around constantly seemed to help disperse the powder and even out the flavours. As said already, it was ok. Nothing amazing or great and I don’t think I’d order one again.

Rating: 2/5

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Day 162 – M.E.G.A

The title makes me think of a ridiculous yet must-watch film Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. The fact that IMDB gives it a rating of 2.8/10 proves how worthy it is, and if you happen to find yourself with 85mins or so to spare… go on give it a go.

Back to the focus of this post, chocolate. Nestle’s Mega ice cream bar is a standard in most refrigerator sections, particularly the dusty convenient store in some obscure location. But that’s not where this was found.

With a crunchy milk chocolate shell housing a creamy cappuccino flavoured ice cream, this frozen treat needed to be eaten quickly given the weather and impending melted goo it would become. I never really liked the part when you come to the wooden stick, you always end up having a wooden taste which is an awful way to end things. It’s always then that I make a mental note not to have another one of these, but then as time passes sometimes I forget and reach into the ice cream freezer chest and grab another one. Though I tend to favour the pots now. Less mess.

Rating: 3.5/5

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