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Day 56 – The chocolate factory

The old classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was given to as a Christmas present recently, and watching it again after all these years brought back memories! I remember being so scared of the oompaloompas, but I just wanted the chocolate so kept watching ha… what memories do they conjure up for you?

Watch it now!

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Day 36 – One to make you melt

A film about chocolate is something to enjoy on a night in, but a night in with a chocolate film and Johnny Depp is even better! Yes, Chocolat. It has the perfect ingredients to make any female (and perhaps some males) completely satisfied and yet dream for more:)

I honestly do find myself thinking about walking into the chocolate shop, breathing in the rich sweet smells, glazing over all the wonderful treats and that hot chocolate. Oh my. I just want to spend all day sipping away at a tankard of that goodness. I know it’ll probably be sickly sweet, but I’m sure you could nurse it for a while and it’ll be just fine. I really want a hot chocolate now!!

This is a wonderful film to reignite desire and passion and love. Definitely recommend getting cozy with a blanket and have lots of yummy chocolate on hand!

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Day 15 – Like water for chocolate

I had a Flake today, and since there’s a post on that already, let’s look at chocolate in film…

If you haven’t seen this film, you should. With stunning Mexican cinematography, themes of love, desire and duty are beautifully and aching displayed through the main characters Pedro (super hot Marco Leonardi also in Cinema Paradiso) and Tita and food! Ok the film is not specifically about chocolate, but it’s in the title and there’s more to it…

Based on Laura Esquivel’s first novel of the same name, como agua para chocolate is actually a common Spanish expression deriving from their hot chocolate making methods. When making hot chocolate water is used instead of milk, and it is brought to the boil then chocolate is added in and melted (might have to try this sometime!). The expression is used to describe the build up of passion, desire or even anger to the point that it’s boiling over ready to consume something… phew, is it getting hot in here?!

Another common usage is to say how perfect something is for the other and in the case of a good hot chocolate, it’s like water for chocolate.

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