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Day 389 – Casa Nini

I was getting a little grumpy as dinner at a friends was pushed back to 9pm, well that’s web we were to come over, dinner itself wouldn’t commence till a bit later. That all disappeared when I saw the dining area set up with a colourful patterned table cloth, appetisers nicely played and a menu, how cute! An array of Central American delights sounded tantalising but it was the dessert that caught my eye (doesn’t it always?!) – “15 minute” chocolate torte served with ice cream and berries.

The chef shared that the ingredients consisted of 70% dark chocolate, eggs and butter. No sugar! It was divine. moist and rich, the sweetness and creaminess of vanilla ice cream and tart raspberries balanced it well.


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Day 381 – Nutty cup

Always looking to try a new brand I came across these Justin’s peanut chocolate cups in a new organic shop in Tsim Sha Tsui. They were quite sweet and a lot drier than I’d imagine. Apparently this is not how they are suppose to be as a friend has had them before, so perhaps they were fairing close to, or beyond their due date!

Nonetheless they seemed to do the trick for my chocolate fix. Though I definitely prefer Reese’s Pieces, maybe because they are more familiar.

If you come across them, they’re worth a try!


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Day 378 – Mousse please

Invited to lunch by the big boss, it’s always hard to say no, so I trooped along.

As with all set lunches you need to be a bit strategic and check out the deal and options available: 2-courses vs 3-courses, dessert, whether it includes coffee/tea and plan accordingly. The starter and mains were easy choices. But the dessert was an extra $30 which I must have vocalised as my big boss said, “you can get that too”! Sweet.

The choice between panna cotta and chocolate mousse was never really a difficult one for me, despite a colleague vouching for the panna cotta.

I eagerly finish my starter salad and crumbed sole filet and wait in anticipation for dessert. Unfortunately for my colleague they had sold out of the panna cotta. Any pity I had for him disappeared as mine was placed on front of me… Oh my mousse! Creamy and rich, the caramelised slice of lemon on top was the perfect mix if sweet and sour. It was a very happy lunch day.


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Day 377 – Gluten free please

After a big brunch lunch, I ordered a long black and decided I wanted something sweet to go with it. The cabinet had an array of delicious items but nothing was labelled gluten free so I had to ask them which ones I can could enjoy. The first thing she said was chocolate torte and I didn’t listen to the rest.

It was served with a potter of cream and dusted icing on top and was suburb! I forgot how full I was and ignored the conversation going on, and ploughed into it!! I was definitely full and equally satisfied by the time I had finished.


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Day 375 – French flavour

Needing to kill an hour or so while Toby was being groomed, we popped into La Cioche, a very authentic parisian cafe off the motorway. Not particularly hungry (I haven’t really been since being here, I haven’t stopped eating!) I opted for a coffee and the chocolate mousse and I wasn’t disappointed!!


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Day 359 – Typhoon nesat

It was pure joy waking up to realise it was T8 and after confirming that all the meetings/interviews were cancelled for the day, I was unable to go back to sleep and decided to spend some time in the kitchen. While some gluten free muesli was in the oven, I wanted to try a new muffin recipe, and with the limited ingredients that I had I adapted a recipe, adding things and replacing things as best I could. The result wasn’t too bad, gluten free chocolate cranberry muffins:

Definitely better with a coffee!

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Day 350 – Kezza

Reminded of a dear friend, I turn to this little packet of Kez’s chocolate chip cookies:

It would go perfectly with a cuppa and as said before with this little packets, they should seriously consider providing them on flights!

Rating: 4/5

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Day 349 – O brownie

Being my first time to O Green, a gluten free restaurant in Sheung Wan, I scanned the menu thoroughly and of course spent the majority of time on the desserts and sweet things. I love the fact that they had several gluten free options of chocolate items, which all sounded pretty tempting. I decided to check the cabinet first before making my choice. The gluten free chocolate brownie looked much more promising and chocolately than the quinoa chocolate cake. I’ll leave that one for next time.

Finishing my main first, I quickly put in my sweet order and it came just as everyone finished.. so pretty:

Sadly it wasn’t as good as it looked. It was a lot drier than I expected, dense and definitely chocolately. The sauce helped a little but I think there needed to be more or at least have the brownie warmed up a little to soften it.

Rating: 3/5

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Day 346 – Go natural

Always whenever I’m in threesixty it’s difficult to stop oneself from mooching around the store, checking out new products and brands and popping them into your basket. You come to the checkout counter and find you’ve racked up an enormous bill!

This was something that made it into my basket on this occasion:

Go Natural’s
Macadamia Divine. There were a number of other options, but I quite fancy macadamia nuts, despite their high fatty content, that’s probably why they taste so good! The bar itself took a hard bite to get into and the honey got a little sticky in the teeth. It was more of a necessity bar than one for enjoyment. Suppling me with plenty of energy, carbohydrates, fats and sodium I was fueled for the afternoon.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Day 339 – Surprise gift

I was passed on a few gluten free items from someone who visited a food fair and thought of me.. how lovely!

This one is from an Australian brand – Kez’s and the florentine was divine! Super sweet and crunchy, with raisins and a glazed cherries… it’s usually not my thing but with a strong black coffee it goes down a treat! They should give these out on the airplanes instead of those crackers!

Rating: 5/5

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