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Day 390 – Chocolate capsule

Today we had a visit from a local coffee company who were presenting their capsule machines for home/office use. The slim machine looked sleek in black and metal trimmings. It held a litre of water, a simple 4 button operation and a lever to plug in the capsule. Very cute. Little did I expect was that they had a chocolate capsule!

The guy went on to explain that the concept and capsules were from Germany by a company who always have a chocolate brand – Kruger! I eagerly awaited to try the hot chocolate.

We went through three coffees (which I’m not complaining about) – the single Colombian and espresso blend were surprisingly good. None of us were in the mood for the teas so we skipped that and went for the chocolate.

The glass used was an espresso glass and the lady demonstrating ran the machine to give a longer pour as it usually is for a larger cup.

The crema, if you can call it that for hot chocolate was beautifully silky and fluffy, like whipped egg whites and the chocolate liquid filled the glass creating a few inches of warm inviting goodness.

I went straight in for a sip… It was thick and rich, and full of chocolatey flavour! So many capsule/pod based chocolates are either very watery or powdery. This was neither. The others had a sip to taste and I finished it off.

Definitely a satisfying cup! They kindly left the machine with us to trial and boxes of samples to try the different flavours of coffees, teas and of course the chocolate. Later that afternoon I made myself another long chocopresso. Yes. That word is made up.



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Day 376 – Hottie choccie

On a whim we decided that we must go to get hot chocolates tonight, and there was a 70s style cinema we had been planning on visiting which actually had a cafe serving a reputable cup of chocolate. So the evening was set and after dinner we made our way to The Roxy.

Beautifully decorated with high ceilings, hand painted walls, thick red carpet and velvet chairs, the place was low lit, luxurious and cozy. We got tickets and placed our order for the famous hot chocolates. We didn’t have to wait long and were presented by these cauldrons of milky chocolate – they were so creamy and frothy and had a good chocolate flavour that many other candidates lack! Although it’s warming effects made me a little sleepy and going into a dark cinema doesn’t bode well for the rest of the evening.


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Day 318 – Mocacin-no

I’m sure I’ve had one of these before – these powder mochachino packets. I’m really not a fan of instant coffee, nor am I really one to go for mochachinos, it really dilutes the flavours of two amazing drinks! So I’m not sure why I accepted this packet from my colleague in the afternoon, and not wanting to be rude I decided to drink it right then and there.

After mixing it up and sipping rapidly away (given the fact that, yes I was cold again. Blasted air cons!) not long after I was feeling rather ill. My stomach felt bloated and I quickly rushed to the bathroom, just in time as I proceeded to expel the watery contents the same way it had come in. mehh:( being sick is never fun.

It probably didn’t help that I had only consumed a double espresso and another black coffee that day, and that the night before I was feeling off from a gluten induced meal. Not the best of Fridays, and certainly not a good day mocacinno.

Rating: 0/5

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Day 301 – Love letter

Dear my beloved,

As always, it was a pleasure meeting with you today. Although it wasn’t any special occasion (does it need to be?) it was nice to just see you and gaze into your beauty. Though you’re not one to talk much, it’s ok sometimes, things don’t need to be said. It can complicate things. We have an understanding, and it just works better that way.

Despite being handsomely rich, I appreciate how generous and giving you are. I do enjoy how deliciously dark you are too, and that hint of a minty freshness that lingers around you. hmmm…

Until we meet again, Vero After Eight hot chocolate, I’ll see you in my dreams.


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Day 282 – Warms the heart

1) This tankard of Holly Brown’s hot chocolate:

It was pretty thick and rich, and had to cleanse the palate with sips of cold water!

2) Friends and good conversations
This catch up had been arranged earlier in the week with the all to common saying, “it’s been a long time since we’ve last seen each other” and since we say that every time, shouldn’t we see each other more often? We agreed. Next meeting is in a month, and some sort of food, drinks and chocolate will be on the agenda.

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Day 250 – Night cap

It was long past elevenses, and I didn’t really want anything heavy so remembered about having a warm glass of milk, with cocoa!

It’s quite a dark cocoa powder, and after adding some sugar, I sat in the kitchen while I drank this warm cauldron of chocolate. Ahhh a perfect night cap.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 224 – Vero round two

Well it didn’t take me long to find myself back at Vero, the beloved haven of chocolate. Though this time it was to their Landmark shop which happens to be in quite an obscure location. The Landmark fancy touch screen directories did little to help our quest, but we managed to find it.

Thanks to the power of group buying and persuasive talking we managed to get our groupon discount with promise of delivering the printed coupon within the hour (yay for office assistants!). I opted for the 70% dark raspberry hot chocolate (I said I was going to get this next, didn’t I?) and to accompany this, we selected from their chocaroons – caramel, passionfruit, framboise and blueberry.

My choice –

Framboise Chocaroon
The dark chocolate dipped framboise chocaroon sandwiched a raspberry and marshmallow like filling, making for a pretty sweet treat certain to satisfy any sweet tooth!! It was nice, but after recently developing a taste for macaroons, this one really wasn’t rating high on my scale. Especially for the price of it.

Rating: 2/5

70% Dark Raspberry
I was a little hasty with the hot chocolate and began to sip away as we walked back. It was freakin hot!! The first sip was amazing… the thick dark chocolate was laced with a tart raspberry flavour with the bity bits. I didn’t stir the chocolate in, so the top layer maintained the rich raspberry flavour, accompanying each sip as I continued to drink it. I was just really surprised at how hot it really was, and I really had to be careful and coordinated, walking and sipping!

Rating: 5/5 hmmmm

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Day 219 – Not so hot

This was another hot chocolate I had earlier in the day… Vittoria.

Not commonly found in HK, only a few places use this brand and you can buy the coffee in shops. The hot chocolate was made from a powder and I think it was UHT milk so it was very watery and not very chocolatey. I wasn’t impressed. The milk filled me up so I felt a bit sickly after a while. Good thing the Vero hot chocolate (from the previous post) was coming soon.

Rating: 1/5

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Day 218 – Epic day

Today was a day of all days… I finally went to Vero Chocolates on Fenwick pier!! It’s not the easiest place to get to, a little out of the way, but even after a long day I was happy to just walk into this place. Though, it wasn’t quite what I expected, I know know what I had pictured it to be… but that’s ok, I wasn’t disappointed.

Wooden floors, dark brown furnishings with white walls and a huge kitchen displaying a preparation area through large windows allowing us privy to the chocolate making… there were chocolate displays in glass cabinets and floor to ceilings windows showing the beautiful harbour and of course, the construction/reclamation (but we just looked over that).

In addition, there was the room. The temperature controlled closed glass room with displays of all sorts of chocolates. When you walk in, you’re engulfed in a thick heavenly chocolate fragrance. It was divine and I was giddy on a high, so much so, that I had to step out for a breather.

THEN came the actual ordering. I was a so unsure about what to get… it all looked goooood. Eventually I settled on the After 8 – 70% dark mint hot chocolate:

The chocolate was melting, and I quickly stirred it in and took a sip. It was dark and thick. Seriously, there was not much else but chocolate in this. A-mazing. You had to stir it every so often as it thicken up if left alone for too long, but also, it was one to just slip slowly and enjoy. I was grateful for the glass of cold water on the side to help cleanse the palate and allow my taste buds to enjoy the rich flavour a new after each sip. I’m seriously going back. The 70% dark raspberry has my name on it.

Rating: off the scale!

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Day 205 – At Emma’s

Up in Song Pan there was a cozy western-style diner catering for all the international travelers coming through (yes there’s a price attached to it). Emma’s, run by Emma herself and her brother are uber friendly and chatty and ready to welcome you to the neighbourhood through good ole home cooking.

Apart from the banana pancakes, yak burgers, pizzas, spaghetti, yak meat fried rice, yak yoghurt & fruit and great arabica coffee, we also had this –

Hot chocolate, Tibetan style. I wasn’t sure if it was from yak milk but a layer of coagulated milk at the top formed if you left it long enough so they definitely heated it up over the stove. Hmm. It wasn’t as chocolately as I’d have liked, but really when you’re up in the middle of nowhere with limited access to anything, you really can’t complain. It was just nice to have something warm and comforting in the cold!

Rating: 3.5/5

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