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Day 368 – Gifts from afar

A friend’s recent return from the far away Switzerland brought wonderful gifts of sweets and of course chocolates for us at home. Of the chocolate variety we have a macaroons like treat, which are actually luxemburgerlis, a lighter airier version of the French macaroon. They were tiny and not very sweet, hence being quickly consumed the morning after!

The other item was a chocolate bunny – which received a warm welcome given the lack of Easter eggs and bunnies consumed over the holidays. The hollow beast was snapped in two (head and ears vs the body) and shared accompanying the earlier morning treat. This being milk chocolate was a lot sweeter and quickly made for a sickly sugar overdose at 11am.

Thus, the third and last item is sitting patiently at my desk awaiting it’s turn to be enjoyed. I’ll update you on that one later.



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Day 328 – Friends…

You definitely can tell who your friends are when they receive gifts like this on their birthday and don’t want to share them! I would do the same, but she kindly did, and I ended up finishing the mousse… super rich and intense chocolate!
Rating: 5/5

The macaroons she decided to take to work and select all the ones she liked most and gave the others to her colleagues haha… something I would do.

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Day 267 – Colourful towers

Preparing for a colleague’s birthday we decided to get something different than the usual faux creamed cake for something we knew she’d rather enjoy from Sift…

With several towers topped with a candle, she squealed in delight as she came into the conference room as we sung her a birthday song. There were plenty enough to go around, though for some they were eying up a few. Immediately going for the chocolate one, I was down to my last bite when another colleague who was a little too slow, had missed on having a chocolate one and so kindly shared my last piece. Next up was the passion – which was half green and half orange, the passion fruit filling was fresh and sweet! hmmm.. luckily for us, some found them too sweet and quickly dispersed, leaving a few vultures to finish off the rest. I quickly grabbed the caramel and departed to my seat to enjoy in silence. Though the chocolate one is still my favourite. I’ve already put in a request for my birthday to have an all chocolate macaroon tower! Hopefully someone remembers ha.

Rating: 5/5


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Day 230 – Macarooninis

I know I’ve said it before, but I really do like macaroons. It’s hard coming by good ones, as some are so dry or too soft or too sweet. These ones were served while we waited for our drinks, little mini ones –

The caramel ones fared better than the chocolate ones. We helped ourselves to a few more off another plate… minis allow you to do that.

Rating: 4/5

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