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Day 386 – Makes me happy

Special delivery from the UK




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Day 368 – Gifts from afar

A friend’s recent return from the far away Switzerland brought wonderful gifts of sweets and of course chocolates for us at home. Of the chocolate variety we have a macaroons like treat, which are actually luxemburgerlis, a lighter airier version of the French macaroon. They were tiny and not very sweet, hence being quickly consumed the morning after!

The other item was a chocolate bunny – which received a warm welcome given the lack of Easter eggs and bunnies consumed over the holidays. The hollow beast was snapped in two (head and ears vs the body) and shared accompanying the earlier morning treat. This being milk chocolate was a lot sweeter and quickly made for a sickly sugar overdose at 11am.

Thus, the third and last item is sitting patiently at my desk awaiting it’s turn to be enjoyed. I’ll update you on that one later.



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Day 341 – Checkers

I think all checkers and game boards consisting of square tiles should be made up of these:

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Day 330 – Sweet n dried

I love the fact people give chocolates as gifts, particularly in my household as I’m the only that really eats it, so regardless of the fact of whether I know them or not, I still reap the benefits of their friendship… sweet chocolate.

This generous giver bestowed upon us two boxes of Australian’s Ashmores chocolate covered freeze-dried strawberries! White chocolate for my mum and the other milk chocolate, which I had…

The milk chocolate was laid on thick and the strawberry sucked of every H20 molecule soften in the mouth as you ate away. They weren’t too bad, you just needed to pop one or two at any given time. I’d much prefer dark chocolate ones… they wouldn’t last long!

Rating: 3/5

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Day 327 – Ball of fun

The birthday girl received a treat on the way to lunch, though the size of it made it difficult to share or even consume en route. Something to keep for later…

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Day 324 – A treat

A bag of these were brought into the office and shared with a select few. Humbly I happened to one of these, and enjoyed every bite as it melted in my mouth…

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Day 323 – Mnmnms

It was that time in the afternoon when you get the munchies and announcing to my colleagues ‘snack time’ I look around for what there was to eat. Having already consumed copious amounts of Ghirardelli chocolates over the past few days, I willed myself not to open the tin and try something else.

A sweet co-worker who usually tries to offer me her snacks but to no avail (it was her snack drawer that featured a while back), however this time, she had these:

Checking the ingredients at the back, I delightedly call out ‘all good’ as I pour the contents into my open palm – and they were orange (which I also state verbally). Always a good treat to be had, chocolate peanut M&Ms are great for energy and a snack.

Rating: 4/5

However, still not satisfied… I ventured into the adjoining room while another ‘meeting’ was happening and help myself to the brownie box (second batch of Day 317). Not bad, not bad, it was a little more moist, but could do with a little icing me thinks.

Rating: 3/5

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