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Day 385 – Great discovery

On my way home last night I was somewhat blinded by these bright shining lights.. stunned, I stopped and looked up and saw the sign “The American Store”. Seriously that’s the name and as I step in I started to giddy from the sugar high I’m taking in with my eyes – rows upon rows of candy and sweets of all sorts beamed back at me. Kitsch packaging, tins and toys that you’d be stretched to find elsewhere in HK, we’re neatly lined up and waiting to be taken home.

I immediately pick up a few keepsake tins and a pack of these M&M dark mints! Savouring the next day, they sure were minty, almost like a mouth freshener and the dark chocolate wasn’t too sweet which seemed to balance it out. I quickly work my way through the packet, doing the polite thing and offering it around (only once). Might have to pick up another pack or two on my way home next time.


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Day 380 – Minty fresh


Needing a pick me up this morning I reach for this dark mint bar that looks promising! And indeed I was not disappointed. The natural peppermint flavour was strong and its a great way to freshen up!


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Day 363 – Mint as

Peppermint creams, sweet minty fondant filling surrounded by a dark thick chocolate coating. You really can’t go wrong with these. Cadbury’s UK has certainly created a winner with Fry’s Peppermint Creams:

Rating: 5/5

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Day 321 – Collectibles

I came into the office to find this lovely tin on our desk – a Ghirardedilli tin of chocolates. It’s so beautiful and immediately claimed it as mine. The contents of course will be shared, but I’m waiting to bring this pretty little thing home to add to my collection of chocolate tins!

Naturally I was the one who opened the tin and selected the dark mint square for the trip home. The thought of the milk caramel already gives me tooth ache and the 60% dark chocolate will go nicely with the morning espresso. Yay!

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Day 301 – Love letter

Dear my beloved,

As always, it was a pleasure meeting with you today. Although it wasn’t any special occasion (does it need to be?) it was nice to just see you and gaze into your beauty. Though you’re not one to talk much, it’s ok sometimes, things don’t need to be said. It can complicate things. We have an understanding, and it just works better that way.

Despite being handsomely rich, I appreciate how generous and giving you are. I do enjoy how deliciously dark you are too, and that hint of a minty freshness that lingers around you. hmmm…

Until we meet again, Vero After Eight hot chocolate, I’ll see you in my dreams.


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Day 241 – Perfect match

Whittaker’s 72% Ghana Peppermint. It exemplifies Pavlov’s theory of conditioning as those words just make your mouth water and you can’t help but imagine the rich dark chocolate with a minty sweet center melting on your palate… hmmmm….

But wait, there’s more. Pair that with a cup of coffee, preferably black and here you have a perfect match.

I experimented a few ways to enjoy this pairing, one) breaking off a square of chocolate and dipping it into the coffee before consuming it, two) eating a piece of chocolate, followed by a sip of coffee, and three) placing a piece of chocolate in my mouth and having a sip of coffee, allowing the chocolate to melt with the coffee. I must say that last trial was a winner! But you have to have a cup of fresh coffee as it doesn’t work so well when it’s cold. The chocolate melted wonderfully, and the mint soft center oozed out, blending the flavours nicely. Hmmm…yum. Ignoring the food on the table, I proceed to order my refill of coffee and continue my minty chocolate feast.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 237 – Shake it

I’m not usually one for MIX but after walking around the 360 foodcourt, I was left uninspired and so went for a smoothie. I wanted something chocolately and substantial/filling. There were two options – chocolate, banana and peanut with icecream or dark chocolate, banana, mint and icecream. I went for the latter –

Hmm there were too many flavours that were competing for my taste buds’ attention. And the fact that I love each of them seperately and sometimes in combinations, just made it more confusing. Dark chocolate and mint = awesome. Dark chocolate and banana = also awesome. Dark chocolate, mint + banana = underwhelming. Perhaps the former option was a better choice. I won’t know until I’ve tried it, and who knows when that’ll be.

Rating: 1/5

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Day 218 – Epic day

Today was a day of all days… I finally went to Vero Chocolates on Fenwick pier!! It’s not the easiest place to get to, a little out of the way, but even after a long day I was happy to just walk into this place. Though, it wasn’t quite what I expected, I know know what I had pictured it to be… but that’s ok, I wasn’t disappointed.

Wooden floors, dark brown furnishings with white walls and a huge kitchen displaying a preparation area through large windows allowing us privy to the chocolate making… there were chocolate displays in glass cabinets and floor to ceilings windows showing the beautiful harbour and of course, the construction/reclamation (but we just looked over that).

In addition, there was the room. The temperature controlled closed glass room with displays of all sorts of chocolates. When you walk in, you’re engulfed in a thick heavenly chocolate fragrance. It was divine and I was giddy on a high, so much so, that I had to step out for a breather.

THEN came the actual ordering. I was a so unsure about what to get… it all looked goooood. Eventually I settled on the After 8 – 70% dark mint hot chocolate:

The chocolate was melting, and I quickly stirred it in and took a sip. It was dark and thick. Seriously, there was not much else but chocolate in this. A-mazing. You had to stir it every so often as it thicken up if left alone for too long, but also, it was one to just slip slowly and enjoy. I was grateful for the glass of cold water on the side to help cleanse the palate and allow my taste buds to enjoy the rich flavour a new after each sip. I’m seriously going back. The 70% dark raspberry has my name on it.

Rating: off the scale!

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Day 128 – After eight

Besides being dark chocolate and mint, I have a delightful memory with After Eight chocolates:)

A dear friend at uni, knowing my love for chocolate decided to make me a special treat during exam time.. a box of After Eights, but she had used my computer and printer while I was out to print “XAMS” in different sizes and when she presented it to me, she had actually coloured in the printed pieces and stuck it on the box so it said “After Exams”!!! Super cute and I adored every piece. So every time I have After Eights it brings back lots of fond memories.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 98 – Chocolate beauty

Sensation Chocolat Paris is a chocolate brand that creates cocoa based treatments for beauty and well-being. With fondant o chocolat face cream, soothing makeup remover with cocoa butter, exfoliating body scrubs, bubble baths with cocoa bean extract, dark & milk chocolate moisturising body milk and massage oils and candles – you’ll be a walking chocolate bar by the end of your treatment!

I was quite excited to see a chocolate and orange shower gel, and a mint chocolate version, which smelt heavenly! They’d make great gifts.. hint hint.

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