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Day 378 – Mousse please

Invited to lunch by the big boss, it’s always hard to say no, so I trooped along.

As with all set lunches you need to be a bit strategic and check out the deal and options available: 2-courses vs 3-courses, dessert, whether it includes coffee/tea and plan accordingly. The starter and mains were easy choices. But the dessert was an extra $30 which I must have vocalised as my big boss said, “you can get that too”! Sweet.

The choice between panna cotta and chocolate mousse was never really a difficult one for me, despite a colleague vouching for the panna cotta.

I eagerly finish my starter salad and crumbed sole filet and wait in anticipation for dessert. Unfortunately for my colleague they had sold out of the panna cotta. Any pity I had for him disappeared as mine was placed on front of me… Oh my mousse! Creamy and rich, the caramelised slice of lemon on top was the perfect mix if sweet and sour. It was a very happy lunch day.


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Day 375 – French flavour

Needing to kill an hour or so while Toby was being groomed, we popped into La Cioche, a very authentic parisian cafe off the motorway. Not particularly hungry (I haven’t really been since being here, I haven’t stopped eating!) I opted for a coffee and the chocolate mousse and I wasn’t disappointed!!


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Day 366 – Caffe bites


Dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut mousse on a cake base. It was very light and easy to eat, I found myself finishing it quite easily without any help. The chocolate mousse could have been darker but otherwise there wasn’t much to complain about.

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Day 353 – Whisk it

There are so many options for dining on the dark side, and after dinner we ventured out to find some tasty sweet treats which lead us to Whisk at The Mira.

It was pretty late and they seated us in the main dining area, the lights were low and they placed a glow lamp on our table to add to the romantic atmosphere. The interiors of the place seemed to be a little mismatched, with a patterned carpet, textured table clothes and sparkly bits on the chairs. Just wanting dessert we skipped to this menu and I choose the chocolate mousse, which was one of their signature items.

Looking rather like a plate of space invaders, I tuck in and it was superbly rich and smooth! The cherries had been drowned in a strong liquor, and the green peppermint jellies were interesting. I think the dish requires the chef actually coming to explain the details on the plate, as so much is happening and the different strong flavours I almost wanted to leave it all and just eat the mousse.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Day 334 – More mousse?

Always gotta love a buffet, even one where you have to ‘cook’ your own food. It’s a wonder why people pay for these things, but it is always fun playing chef and working on new dishes each time! We’ve grown up with Nomad’s (formerly Kublai’s), and it still holds a special place in our hearts – the all you can eat, buffet, animal skins on the wall and on the chairs, and as always, we make grand statements of how many bowls we’ll eat, but by the end of the second, we’re stuffed… ahh the memories.

Then it comes to dessert and mousse was on the menu:

I don’t know why it’s less than half full! It just means they have to clean more glasses… silly really. It wasn’t the best mousse that I’ve had, but I wasn’t expecting much, a little too rubbery and thick (not a good way). Though some others at the table were loving it had kept going back for more! They definitely had more of these little bowls than they did their mains ha

Rating: 2/5

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Day 328 – Friends…

You definitely can tell who your friends are when they receive gifts like this on their birthday and don’t want to share them! I would do the same, but she kindly did, and I ended up finishing the mousse… super rich and intense chocolate!
Rating: 5/5

The macaroons she decided to take to work and select all the ones she liked most and gave the others to her colleagues haha… something I would do.

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Day 299 – 100th day

Today was a celebration of a young one’s 100th day birthday! Yep, we celebrate all sorts of days, it’s really for the parents and family though and I’m sure the little one had no idea what was going on. The venue was lovely at the Aberdeen Marine Club, and was complete with a reception, tables, backdrop and stage and a buffet meal. It was nice seeing the family gathering around and doting on their grandchild, niece, cousin, goddaughter, and friend.

As per my usual buffet style, I gorge on the appetisers, sample the mains and head for the desserts. This is what made it on my plate today:

The chocolate mousse cake was rich and light, though I had to eat around the sponge layers which was a bit annoying and I didn’t end up with much mousse. Actually the lemon cheesecake fared much better!

Rating: 3.5/5

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