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Day 391 – Chocolate thief

I had been called into my boss’ office for a meeting and saw a bright pink box on her desk. Fauchon Paris Gout No5 Noir Fruite. It had been there while she was away on a business trip but I never ventured in to explore its contents.. But today I was feeling bold and as she was searching for something on her computer I leaned over and flipped it open (great packaging design) and popped one in my mouth.*

Smooth dark chocolate covered almonds and hazelnuts, and they always say nuts are moreish… I couldn’t stop with these!! I kept flipping the little door open to help myself to another, saying to my boss ‘these are really good!’ She agreed, without turning and continued doing her thing.

Someone else walked into the room for a quick meeting so I quietly made my escape with a chocolate almond for the road.

House Fauchon Paris has been around since 1886 when it opened it’s first store in Paris. During the Second World War they had an agreement with Air France to import gourmet products and exotic fineries from all over the world. From bakeries, restaurants, wine stores, tea houses, chocolates and macaroons, Fauchon eludes luxury in everything that bears it’s name. Following a traditional French collection style, the House has created their range of chocolates under 6 numbers, 6 identities, 6 designer brands. I have actually tried another one of their products a while ago No.2.

*I do not recommend trying this on your boss or superior, I work for a friend’s family so I do get a little leeway.


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Day 381 – Nutty cup

Always looking to try a new brand I came across these Justin’s peanut chocolate cups in a new organic shop in Tsim Sha Tsui. They were quite sweet and a lot drier than I’d imagine. Apparently this is not how they are suppose to be as a friend has had them before, so perhaps they were fairing close to, or beyond their due date!

Nonetheless they seemed to do the trick for my chocolate fix. Though I definitely prefer Reese’s Pieces, maybe because they are more familiar.

If you come across them, they’re worth a try!


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Day 373 – Zip it

I spotted this bag across the room on my colleagues desk and called out to her… She promptly came over with the bag in tow and plonked it on my table. She was munching away and I proceeded to join her. Another more weight conscious colleague decided not to eat any but also decided that we shouldn’t either and closed the bag.

They made the foolish mistake of leaving it on my desk… Zip locks keep the freshness in but they don’t keep me out. I reopened the bag and resumed munching away. The huge bag is weighty and was already only half full (or half empty). Zipping the bag back up I commanded them to take it away and hide it. I will not submit to its addictive power again. Today.


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Day 370 – Chef’s snickers

We managed to get a table at Lupa, a new restaurant by celebrated chef Mario Batali. There were plenty of staff hanging around, almost too many but they seemed to keep themselves busy as we had several different servers. One in particular was very good at answering our ignorant questions about the carefully designed Italian menu.

His recommendations were excellent and thoroughly enjoyable, though a few erred on the skimp side. The dessert menu was equally mesmerising and we hastened to summon the waiter over to explain some of them.

He began, “The peanut chocolate bar is basically a snickers bar, with a hazelnut cake base, then a layer of chocolate caramel on top, followed by a chocolate ganache. It is served with a scoop of chocolate lemon sorbet,” he finished with a smile. I was sold and signed up for that!! We also decided to get the bourbon flour less chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

And boy we were not disappointed! Beautifully presented and a delight on the tastebuds, it truly was a gourmet snickers bar with varied flavours and textures of a thick gooey caramel, smooth slighty salty ganache and crunchy nuts… The sorbet was equally rich yet refreshing and light at the same time!

The flour less cake was a mere finger and though it didn’t lack in flavourit, fared far inferior in comparison to the peanut chocolate bar. Hmmm think that’s a new favourite.

Peanut Chocolate Bar


Bourbon Flourless chocolate cake


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Day 355 – Save the day

You can always rely on Whittaker’s chocolate and this was offered to me as I was fading fast and needed something –

The peanut slab was a childhood favourite and now, the dark version is even better! It’s available at Taste and Great for HK$11, that’s a serious a bargin. They look rather chunky, but they’re surprisingly very easy to eat.

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Day 346 – Go natural

Always whenever I’m in threesixty it’s difficult to stop oneself from mooching around the store, checking out new products and brands and popping them into your basket. You come to the checkout counter and find you’ve racked up an enormous bill!

This was something that made it into my basket on this occasion:

Go Natural’s
Macadamia Divine. There were a number of other options, but I quite fancy macadamia nuts, despite their high fatty content, that’s probably why they taste so good! The bar itself took a hard bite to get into and the honey got a little sticky in the teeth. It was more of a necessity bar than one for enjoyment. Suppling me with plenty of energy, carbohydrates, fats and sodium I was fueled for the afternoon.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Day 344 – Bittersweet

You never realise how much people have impacted your life until they’re gone… ok it’s not that morbid, they’ve just left the country, but it’s still pretty sad and sobering to realise how much you’re actually going to miss them. And so after dropping them off at the airport express, through tears on the MTR, I came home and ate this box of Godiva, yes the whole thing (ironically gifted by the departed couple) accompanied by Mr. Richter. He certainly knows how to draw out those emotions. Sigh…

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Day 331 – Be kind

I picked up this bar knowing that at some point during the next few days I’d be caught desperately wanting something to eat without many options. I get grumpy when I’m hungry and my shoddy camera work just shows how impatient I was to get into it:

An American product, KIND Bars is shipped to HK by one of the larger grocery stores where they can charge a premium for things like this, targeting people, like myself, who have limited access to products catering to specific dietary requirements. I’m definitely one who has an affinity for new and attractive things, I easily fill the trolley strolling around and around (and around)! Suckers we are.

Their bars are choka full of goodness, with nuts, dried fruits and of course chocolate. The range available here is fairly small, but I went for the sesame and peanuts covered in chocolate. It was actually really good. Naturally very nutty, and the chocolate was generously drizzled over and under the bar. It helped counter the dryness of the nuts and sweetened it up.

Rating: 4/5

The nutritional information isn’t exactly the most tantilising, but it’s good for ya:

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Day 324 – A treat

A bag of these were brought into the office and shared with a select few. Humbly I happened to one of these, and enjoyed every bite as it melted in my mouth…

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Day 323 – Mnmnms

It was that time in the afternoon when you get the munchies and announcing to my colleagues ‘snack time’ I look around for what there was to eat. Having already consumed copious amounts of Ghirardelli chocolates over the past few days, I willed myself not to open the tin and try something else.

A sweet co-worker who usually tries to offer me her snacks but to no avail (it was her snack drawer that featured a while back), however this time, she had these:

Checking the ingredients at the back, I delightedly call out ‘all good’ as I pour the contents into my open palm – and they were orange (which I also state verbally). Always a good treat to be had, chocolate peanut M&Ms are great for energy and a snack.

Rating: 4/5

However, still not satisfied… I ventured into the adjoining room while another ‘meeting’ was happening and help myself to the brownie box (second batch of Day 317). Not bad, not bad, it was a little more moist, but could do with a little icing me thinks.

Rating: 3/5

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