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Day 388 – Late night companion

This tall dark shapely box sits next to my computer and is a wonderful encourager during late nights of working…


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Day 384 – Oh those OJs

I love these Jaffas! The sweet crunchy red shell with a dark orange chocolate interior… it’s a great treat at any time of the day!


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Day 322 – Back for more

Doing what you do at work, I made my way to a colleague’s desk to discuss things… from about 8 paces out I noticed an orange bar sitting on her desk. Hmmm…(eyebrow raised), approaching closer I discover it was another Ghirardelli…

Yes it is orange too! Dark orange… yum. I picked it up and checked it out more while ‘talking shop’ but I was a little distracted. She kindly offered for me to have some, but not wanting to be rude and open the packaging I politely declined and moved on. Another colleague, a little more assertive, upon hearing our conversation heads over to her desk and proceeds to rip through the packaging and in on the bar! It’s a lot easier when someone breaks the ice, so I shyly make my way back to take a piece (she urged me to take more, saying she wouldn’t finish it).

OH MY. It’s amazing.. the rich creamy dark cocoa melts in your mouth and the sweet orange flavoured filling oozes out. I stopped mid way back to my desk and go back for a second piece!

Rating: 5/5

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Day 305 – Choco chips

These are a little deceiving – I thought they were chocolate covered potato chips, but alas they were just crispy thin slices of chocolate! AND they were orange flavoured! They went perfectly with the morning double espresso.

Rating: 4/5

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Day 280 – Ms. Nobody

Apart from being one of my favourite chocolate flavours, orange is also one of my favourite colours. It gets to the point that when I actually see an orange coloured item, I immediately take mental note and at times even verbalise it. If you hang around me enough you’ll soon know.

And so as I was on my way out to lunch, I clocked this orange cellophane packaging on my colleague’s desk and stopped short.

The orange item:

Me: “what’s that?” pointing, arm stretched across her face
L: “what? huh?” (I think she was more taken back by my sudden movement)
Me: “the orange thing”
L: (picking it up) jaffa cakes.
Me: ohh really? jaffa cakes…
L: do you want? (holding them out)
Me: mmmm I do, but I shouldn’t (shaking my head, but not really moving from the side of her desk)
L: they’re all the way from the uk…
Me: ooh? (seriously rethinking my answer)
L: hmmm? (still holding them out in my direction)
Me: but I shouldn’t, really… should i? (looking at my other colleagues for support – the cakes have wheat, so hence my dilemma)

What happened next is actually a mystery… I think I actually did eat one as I walked into the lift, but then I remember saying how good I had been in not eating wheat-based items and left it at that. To be honest, both could have happened as I have witnesses to both paths being taken (I just double checked with two other people who were present, and they both seem to have wayward memories too). I’m quite happy if either of them did happen, “as long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.” Just call me Ms. Nobody.

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Day 259 – Oranginos

I am really like the Schar products and their jaffa cakes aptly called Oranginos are pretty darn good!

The cakey biscuit is a little dry but it works nicely with the gooey sweet orange filling and chocolate coating. It is matched well with a coffee. I think finishing off the box tomorrow will be easy.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 256 – WHOOP!

100 days to go!!*

Ironically, there’s no specific chocolate to write about today. Have I been chocolate’d out? I think not. There has been chocolate consumption today, several kinds in fact, but I tend to stick with my favourites a lot, why waste precious time on sub-standard stuff? Exactly. Perhaps a good way to celebrate this day is to share my top 5 chocolates… oh this is going to be hard. Hmmm…

In no particular order:
1. Cadbury’s Flake (from the UK, of course)
2. Whittaker’s Dark Orange (NZ)
(wow, this is harder than I thought)
3. Ah Trader Joe’s Espresso Pillows (USA)
4. How could I forget these – Lindt Lindor Balls! (origin Switzerland)
5. And lastly, Green & Black’s Maya Gold (UK)

Surprisingly or not, all of these chocolates were mentioned early on in this venture, and have featured again several times over these past 256 days. They definitely are worth it. If you haven’t tried them all yet, you must. I insist!

*As I finish writing this, I only just realised it’s actually 110 days to go… oh well not rewriting this post.

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Day 221 – Jaffa cakes

It’s been a while since I’ve had jaffa cakes, yes orange and chocolate, one of my favourites. Though these Free to Enjoy ones came at quite a price HK$49 for the box! Seriously? And as you can see they’re only thin little things, I had to put one out to compare the size – we felt a bit jipped. They were a little dry too. But it didn’t stop us from finishing the box very quickly, moreish little things they were. But still bloody ex.

Rating: 2/5

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Day 173 – Super deal

After lunch we were sauntering around three sixty today and of course ended up browsing through the chocolate selection, which has extended it’s display to accommodate the Easter delectables.

Then we saw these….

What a deal!! $5 for Green & Black’s Maya Gold, an ultimate favourite of mine (as per post #17 ). Provided the expiry date is this Saturday, there’s still a good 4 days till then! So two slabs were bought and they’ve pretty much been consumed with a little help from some other dark chocolate lovers. Any friend of chocolate is a friend of mine.

Rating: 5/5

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Day 152 – Happy pancake day!

Pancakes for dinner? Why not!

My house host kindly picked up some gluten free flour so I could join in the merriment of shrove tuesday, and boy did we enjoy them! We didn’t even bother making a stack to sit down and eat, but took turns at the griddle while the other ate away. The pancake mixture was actually really good for gluten free stuff, you couldn’t even taste the difference! After scoffing down a few savoury ones I decided to get in on the dessert flavours. First up was a sugar, lemon and fresh blueberries one which went down a treat and while the next pancake was cooking away I set up for the filling…

Giant slab of chocolate? If only. It was the cutest and smallest grater I’ve seen and it helped in creating this –

Yep… banana & chocolate. But it wasn’t just any chocolate, it was dark orange chocolate! And being finely grated really brought out the citrus flavour. Divine.

Rating: if I must, 5/5

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